Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You say you want a Revolution...

Image by Beth Rooney for the New York Times

The story of the worker's sit down strike at the Republic Windows and Doors plant in Chicago is getting a little bit of play these days. Certainly not the first strike in our history, nor is it by any means a very large action, but it may turn into a catalyst for further worker- and peoples-direct action in the face of mounting financial pressure from the oligarchs and the banks.

The workers have received a surprising amount of support from the political establishment, from Cook County and the State of Illinois to the Incoming President.

Bank of America looks very bad. They're the ones who precipitated the plant's abrupt closing, a closing in which the workers weren't paid wages or benefits. Cutting off the credit lines of businesses has an effect.

And the banks that are doing this (BofA isn't the only one) are doing it in order to have cash on hand with which to scarf up other banks in trouble. Acquisition fever. As if we haven't been down this path before.

Blame Paulson, then, for not requiring banks to act in the public interest if they are receiving public funds (BofA has received tens of billions).

And blame Bush, and blame Republicans for the whole mess. All well and good, but also recognize that the economic situation we face is the result of an ideology of greed and personal interest that has overwhelmed common sense and has resulted in what could well turn into the worst economic catastrophe in history, with all the implications that suggests and all the global struggle that implies.

It isn't just Republicans to blame, it's an entire political and economic system.

One that is under increasing strain; one that may not survive much longer.


Look at history...

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