Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Markos and Arianna squared off against "Baby Dick" Cheney (heh) and George Will during last Sunday's "This Week" rountdtable hosted by former Salon writer Jake Tapper, now the It-Boy of the Sabbath Gasbag Shows.


To say it was pathetic is to be charitable. Oh. My. God.

Markos sat almost as quiet as a mouse during most of it. Will was cross, as he tends to be. Liz Cheney went into her usual venom and bark routines and either charmed or intimidated both the "liberals" on the panel, she lied openly, and routinely diverted attention from the topics at hand. She defended Daddy. Arianna appeared to be... star-struck.

What was so pathetic, though, is that Cheney wasn't crushed like a bug by either of her "opponents." If anything, they collapsed under her withering denunciations, some of which, it was clear, she was having fun throwing out -- like chum to sharks who wouldn't bite.

Cheney was treating the "liberals" like chew-toys. And for their part, they had nothing like her firepower. It was pathetic.

This was quite a contrast to Glenn's appearance on the same set a few weeks back, but the dynamic was different then, too. Glenn went after one of the "liberals" on the panel, Greg Craig, who was supporting the nomination of Elena Kagan (Glenn claims as a representative of the White House. Though I have asked for it, not a shred of evidence has been forthcoming that that is so. Consequently, I discount the accusation...). Glenn did not go after George Will or Ed Gillespie, the anti-Liberals and Republican tools on the panel.

There was a moment of potential fire last Sunday when Arianna mentioned Halliburton and its corruption and fines and whatnot. This caused the Cheney hackles to rise, but Liz's repost wasn't followed up. So it just fluttered in the wind for a bit and was gone.


Won't somebody pull a "Have you no shame?" moment on this woman, "Baby Dick?"

Or is she just too frightening?


Part of the episode below:

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