Monday, June 14, 2010

On This Wikileaks Thing -- Spy vs Spy?

This WikiLeaks Thing is turning in to quite the chase-movie, isn't it?

It's got everything. Enigmatic Albino Anti-Hero on the lam, now in hiding somewhere in -- presumably -- Australia, his passport seized and drones thought to be seeking him out for liquidation from Above. Governments panicking, acting stupid. An odd-duck leaker cooling his heels in Kuwait awaiting military trial for something, just what isn't clear. Even odder-odd duck who turned in the odd-duck leaker to the FBI, a notorious hacker in his own right.

It's got it all.

Myself, I've always wondered whether WikiLeaks is a black op specifically designed to encourage traitors to the Empire to leak bits and pieces of Imperial misfeasance so as to be that much easier to track down and neutralize.

The cloak and dagger routine engaged in by Julian Assange was the tip off. The sort of over the top drama surrounding the release in April of this year of the video of American gunners exterminating "suspected militants" (oh and some journalists, too) in Baghdad (that happened in 2007) seemed extreme and deliberately hyped up by WikiLeaks and our propaganda machine, the major mass media, over something that is really very common in the "battlespace" -- and has been since "warfighting" began over there, with numerous incidents not much different than the one WikiLeaks documented being splashed all over the YouTubes for years, most of them released by the military propaganda shop itself.

In other words, the casual extermination of Ragheads is routine, has been since the beginning of conflict Over There and is very well known (and frequently celebrated) in the United States.

WikiLeaks claimed to have video of a similar incident in Afghanistan that they would release "shortly." They never released it, but Julian got on the teevee constantly claiming it would be released any time now, but it never was. And furthermore, the fact that these incidents go on in Afghanistan, too, has been abundantly documented in numerous YouTube videos currently on show. Julian was not "revealing" a damn thing that wasn't already known, in other words.

Death From Above is a constant in the ever-expanding Anglo-American Imperial Expeditions. This sort of killing goes on in Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, and for all we know, many other places as well, constantly. It is not a mystery.

So the sensational "revelations" by WikiLeaks that it was going on, with the gunning down of the hapless Baghdad Ragheads endlessly looped on the teevee screens of America and the World seemed severely "off" to me.

This is no revelation, I thought. We know this sort of thing has been going on relentlessly throughout the Anglo-American drive to re-establish Empire. There's no mystery here. This is how operations from Above are conducted. It is brutal and murderous and disgusting. So why was it being played for all it's worth this way?

And now that details about the drama and those involved are coming -- somewhat -- to light, the failure of the smell test is very strong.

260,000 State Department memos? All righty then. Show us.

A major marketing campaign is under way.

That's all I can say about it right now....

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