Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Note on the Oil

Sorry, no pictures (hard to post them while on dial-up).

A correspondent reminds me of her flight from Houston to Tampa a couple of weeks ago. The sight below startled her. Red, orange, and brown loops, fringes, and slicks of oil were, she said, everywhere. She was shocked at the extent of the oil on the water, for there was no indication in any of the news reports she'd seen that oil covered so much of the water.

She said when she first saw it, she wasn't sure what it was. She hadn't flown over the Gulf in many years, and her memory was that the water tended to be greenish-gray. Her view below showed water that was distinctly brown with reddish orange, bloody looking fringes. She said it extended from not far outside Houston -- maybe half an hour/forty minutes flight time -- to less than half an hour outside Tampa. Basically most of the northern part of the Gulf.

She was heartbroken.

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