Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Koch Brothers One Stop

It's become clear enough that with the Libertarian focus shifting from Defense of John Tyner to the Defense of the Brothers Koch that the Full-Court Press will soon be under way.

Anyone who points out facts and makes a stab at discovering the Truth about the Libertarian Movement and its long time BFFs the Koch Brothers will be aggressively accused of "smearing" Honorable Dissenters and of being "tribalists" mindlessly parroting the talking points of the the In Crowd. This is how it goes. But we ain't seen nothin' yet.

Wait till little curly-headed Rand takes his seat in the August Body, and promptly becomes the vortex around which the Members twirl. Wait till whatever is left of the tattered Liberal Establishment is evicted from the Public Square to be replaced with Koch-funded Libertarians claiming the mantle of Progressives.

The billionaire factions will have their fights; the Plebes -- even the Libertarians -- will be expected to choose their sides and sacrifice and die for the Honor of their Team. And they'll do it, for the most part willingly.

Down in the cellars, the samizdat authors will be madly cranking their mimeographs to make enough fliers to surreptitiously leaflet the neighborhoods with information about what is really going on, and who is Behind It All, They will no longer be able to do it online, of course, because their "facts" and "truths" do not fit the received narrative of the Internets, and they are too easy to track down in any case if they choose to take a public stand against orthodoxy.

Sigh. But it has ever been thus for political activists, ever thus. There is no easy or long open path for the Righteous (watch the Libertarian Cultists' heads explode!) and the Truthful and the Fearless.

And so, with that, let us begin with

The Kochs and Uncle Joe Stalin and the John Birch Society

Continuing: (all episodes are also linked at the top of the page for review at leisure)

The Kochtopus

What Does the Kochtopus Want?

Kochevik "Liberty"

The Kochevik Future -- Part 1

The Kochevik Future -- Part 2, Inverting 1984

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