Thursday, November 18, 2010

On the Revolution -- Hmmm.

I wasn't in Seattle for the Battle of '99, but I was there for Anniversary Protests, and the fact is that it was... disheartening. The police behaved like Authoritarian Pigs for no reason at all -- except to assert their Authority over the People in the Streets. There was no violence, except that initiated by the police, and they did so primarily, it seemed, to make a point. THEY were in charge.

Not the scruffy Leftists, Anarchists, and Homeless Wanderers.

I wandered around Downtown Seattle before, during and after the Anniversary Protests, and talked to quite a few people about what was going on. Many were just weary of the whole thing. Merchants were absolutely livid that it (The Battle of Seattle) was happening again -- even though it wasn't, not by any stretch of the imagination. Yet they were so frightened that it would. The stark fear in their voices and on their faces -- over something that wasn't actually taking place -- was difficult for me to deal with.

Protesters themselves knew what they were about and why they were there: to make a statement that the People will not be denied, no matter how long it takes, and no matter what suffering they must endure. The Man will not win in the End. And they had no animosity toward the merchants who were so afraid of them. Especially at Westlake, they knew how badly the small-time merchants there were being exploited by the Corporate class. Even the merchants knew, but they could not fathom... protest.

Late at night, the police went on a rampage, gassing, rounding up, and beating hundreds of peaceful protesters. It was a rout. I didn't personally witness that aktion. But I saw it on the teevee news.

It was... horrible.

And yet, taking the risk and making the sacrifice is necessary.

Video scarfed from a "diary" at dKos. The "diary" -- I hate that term for stories and articles and statements written by dKos users -- itself is worth a glance as well.

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