Monday, November 29, 2010

"This is About Bailing Out the Banks"

Greece. Portugal. Spain. Britain. France. Belgium. Italy. Ireland. The EU monetary union is undergoing extraordinary stress, forcing various member nations into rigid austerity and/or IMF/EU bailout.

In every case, the Banks are paid off -- in full -- and the masses are squeezed to pay off the gambling debts of the High and the Mighty, over and over and over again.

In every single case.

Much the same has been under way in the United States since the Collapse began, only what's going on hasn't been quite as clearly stated or understood here as it has been abroad. The American People are angry and confused, and more and more every day are forced into poverty and suffering, but they generally don't know what or who to be angry at, can't quite figure out who is robbing them, and haven't clearly seen the policies that are driving their impoverishment and suffering.

Overseas, the People know. They know who is robbing them, who is being paid off, and to a surprising degree, they know why.

With very few exceptions now, Governments throughout the world are in complete thrall to the major banking houses. When the bankers say "Jump", every nation, with few exceptions, complies. They are servants of banking masters.

As one nation in Europe after another was gobbled up in the bankers' maw, Americans (as always) tended to follow the lead of the victim blamers. It is ever thus. When it comes to economics, it is always the fault of the one below you, never the one above. Of course Europeans can see that characteristic in Americans and say -- accurately -- that Americans are fools.

There is plenty of information available to Americans, but it has never been coordinated or coherent. American media has certain partisan obsessions that it cannot let go of. American media serves its own class, and surprisingly enough, that would be the Banker Class; American media does not serve the People -- except to propagandize them to "accept the inevitable." Propaganda on behalf of the Ruling Class and managing the expectations of the masses is the primary function of mainstream American media.

Alternatives are found in the alternative media.

While the problem with the Mainstream has been known and criticized and argued for ages -- it's one of the core arguments in American life -- the problem with the Alternatives does not get nearly enough scrutiny.

One of the severe problems that's emerging is the predominance of factional Libertarian cant (their so-called economic and political theory) on the Internets which is having a disastrous effect on perception and action.

Libertarianism is the recipe for mass extinction. Those Libertarians who can actually think, as opposed to those who simply parrot whatever is the Word or the Outrage of the Day, seem to understand the implications of what they advocating, and they seem to be OK with it.

I assume they presume they will survive, no matter what, and even flourish, and without all the Parasites to weigh them down, their Heaven will be nigh.

They will survive, so they think, no matter what happens to the rest of Creation and Mankind, and they will rule, finally, in majesty and splendor. By right.

As public policy makers almost universally follow the wrong path, by concentrating all their efforts on bailing out the banks, forcing more and more of their people into poverty and misery, Libertarians cheer. So long as they themselves do not suffer, or cannot recognize their own suffering, there is nothing to fret about, nothing to fear. As long as it is someone else being squeezed, what's to worry?

The more the banks are bailed out at the expense of the People, the better. The more the diplomatic cables expose the rank deception and hypocrisy of our Governmental Masters, and the more the People learn to loathe them, the better. The more poverty and misery, the better. The worse things are for the many, the better they are for the few.

And so on.

What's happening in Ireland is potentially a turning point for the comprehension of Americans. Of course many Americans have Irish roots, but more to the point, what's going on in Ireland looks like a Mob hit, and there are reasons why it looks that way. Irish society and culture -- as well as its government -- is set up a family and clan (ie: 'tribal') basis, with only a glossy overlay of Anglo-Euro Political Standards and Practices. The Model, in other words, of a standard parliamentary democracy has only a minor purchase in Ireland. Their system works somewhat differently.

And when the Government (which is in its own way a family/clan operation, supposedly on behalf of all the others) succumbs to the directives and orders of an outside agency (the Mob) to fulfill its demands forthwith (robbery, hand over the money), at the expense of everyone else, all hell will break loose -- as it has.

It is assumed that the Irish Government will fall. And it is predicted that the new government will void the IMF/EU extortion, and it is suggested that somewhat like Iceland, Ireland will go its own economic way -- essentially telling the Mob to Fuck Off. Not to put too much emphasis on it, but Iceland seems to have succeeded in getting out from under the burdens of the Financial Cartel.

There has been a tendency in the EU to submit to the robbery and extortion of the financial class, just as there has been in the United States. But if Ireland joins Iceland in resisting and rejecting the Plan, the resistance might spread.

If Americans rise up on their hind legs and say NO! when the New Model Congress begins its Austerity Drive (with the full complicity of the Hooverite White House) we may well see a Global Revolution, at least in how the Banksters are treated.

Yes but the Libertarian opportunists are always lying in wait, aren't they?

Which brings me to a consideration of the widespread defense of the Koch Brothers that came to the fore during the "You Smeared John Tyner!!!!!" controversy. Hmm. So many were willing to support the Kochs openly, something new in the firmament.

Since their efforts ARE the Libertarian Movement, we are quite likely to see some Billionaires fighting one another before too long. With Libertarians siding with the Kochs and the People siding with all the other Billionaires fighting against them.

But first, we must bail out the banks.


  1. Breaking my own stricture again to post.


    Excellent analysis of the situation.

    I'm guessing you already saw this, but I think Krugman really puts this well, concisely, directly:

    . . .

    Also, your comments about libertarians believing they'll be okay. Makes me think about their gold hoarding. In a sense, they're proud and gleeful, at times gloating survivalists, and for many this has a religious component as well. A strange brew of the Remnant and the Rapture as economic triumphalism. The smart and virtuous ones winning out over those too dumb, lazy and immoral to invest in gold or stay out of debt. Debt being "unbiblical".

    Plus, a sort of Calvinist preordained Select.

    Julie Ingersoll writes about this for

    Better Dead Than ‘Fed’: Behind Palin’s Dig at ‘Unbiblical’ Fed

    (Long URL. I shortened it using McAfee's safe site):

  2. Yes, well. I was going to include a link to an Irish blog that blows the lid off of all the shit that is going on, and exactly why, and who is getting paid off, and what the Irish are going to do about it. But I lost the link! I have never developed an adequate protocol to address the abundance of sites and links one comes across in a day's websurf. Oh well.

    But Krugman does a good job of explaining what's going on, while stripping it of the utter fury the Irish are expressing at their government and the banks. Much the same in Portugal.

    If the People can keep up the pressure on their governments, things just might change -- or at least the Banksters will be forced to eat some of their losses. Remains to be seen.

    As for the Libertarians... it's quite something how very open they are now about defending and supporting the Kochs. It's remarkable is what it is. I sensed that that was what was going on with Glenn's broadside against Ames and Levine, and now Radley Balko over at Reason has gone apeshit on Katrina for not abasing herself enough. And of course he defends and supports the Kochs -- who fund Reason and all the rest of Libertaria.

    The battle lines are drawn.

    It's clear the Libertarians -- with full Koch support and funding -- are going to go whole hog once the New Model Congress is installed to hamstring and cripple government "interference" with the Randian Overclass. And Libertarian grunt workers -- like the propagandists we are seeing all over the internets (boy there are a lot of them all of a sudden) -- expect to be handsomely rewarded.

    Unfortunately, the Liberal Class is useless in this struggle. Utterly useless.

    We're on our own.

    I think we could use a Hound of Ulster. Know what I mean? And I'm not into heroes!

  3. True. Krugman leaves out the fury, and fury is more than warranted. But he does wrap it all smartly, neatly, and it's something people can grasp.

    The right tends to dismiss any "heated" response to their bamboozlements. They just label it "emotionalism" and tend to throw in other slights, often sexist in nature, etc.

    Of course, conservatives are allowed to be emotional. The left isn't. Ever. And the Village makes sure of that with their selective notice of anger and hatred, etc. etc.

    As for libertarians. What are ya gonna do? I think you torched the folks at UT, but it won't have any impact on them. Seth Kristol actually said that the New Left is responsible for our current disaster, as if they ever had any power, as if we haven't been in the midst of 30 years of Thatcher/Reaganism, as if the Dems didn't categorically slap DFHs around for the last three decades or more.

    The New Left? Really? How can an adult in 2010 actually believe that sort of ludicrous fantasy?

    . . .

    America is finished. Just saw a graph that showed us last in the developed world in unemployment compensation -- and that was before the latest decision to stop them. We're last. No other developed nation gives less to the unemployed, but that's not good enough for our libertarian/conservative brethren (in both parties). More tax cuts for the rich, but let the people eat dirt. Liberty and freedom for the rich, backed by all too many poor folks, as if vicarious reality TV makes it all okay.

    I truly wish I had the funds to get out. I'd leave for Europe in a heartbeat. Would love to spend the last days of my life in Paris, actually, or Nimes, which I loved. Or Provence, or Brittany, or the south west, near Carcasonne, or further up in the Pyrenees. Watch the decline of the West from the cafes on the West Bank, paint, write, and see the glories of the Old World.

    I really don't want to see the end from here.

  4. I understand the urge to leave it all behind.

    We know that things are getting worse for the majority in the United States, and the worsening of conditions for the many here starts from a lower baseline than in most of the developed world.

    We're on the road to perdition, absolutely. And, as always, the victims are blamed. That's how it's done, that's how it's always been done. It's the American Way.

    It was not all that much different in the Great Depression. People who were suffering then were routinely blamed for their own situation and fate. Bootstrapism was as strong then as it ever was.

    But America was not finished then, and I don't believe it is now.

    (I'll continue this in another blog post because I am getting into "Meta" territory, and it is not really a direct response to your cris de coeur.)

    I'll just add here that while our material existence goes into decline, we may find we have a much stronger spiritual essence.

    Don't let the demons of despair take over.