Saturday, May 14, 2011

Down to the Basics

The sorry thing is that we have gone so far off track -- or at least our governing class has -- that even the most basic concepts are no longer operative.

Falsehood reigns.

There's a post up over at dKos that gets into the Basics of job creation, correctly observing that in a dynamic consumer economy, jobs are created by consumer demand. Not by the "Rich."

This is so fundamental that you would think it wouldn't even require repetition.

And yet our rulers do not know this fundamental truth.

It is beyond their comprehension. They have all read Atlas Shrugged and that is all they need to know:

  • there are two classes of people: producers and parasites.

  • taxes are punishment and theft

  • producers owe nothing to parasites

  • parasites drain the life from producers

It's a crock. And yet our rulers are in thrall to this pernicious garbage, so much so that even the Progressive Caucus in Congress cannot shake it off. Like Russ Feingold when he was in the Senate, they may talk real pretty, but when it comes to doing the deed, they cannot perform.

They go along with whatever the prevailing "wisdom" happens to be.

In the case of the Randian bullshit that passes for ideology among the Ruling Class, they go along with the worst possible policy prescriptions and then wonder why the People don't love them enough.


Sometimes the obvious is just a little too freaky I guess.

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