Monday, May 2, 2011

Plus ça change

The Big Scary Boogey Man Monster is said to be dead, taken out, they say in an "operation" in Islamabad Abbottabad, Pakistan, where he was apparently known by the US to be resident of a mansion/compound on the outskirts in the middle of town at least since last August -- if not quite a bit longer. His Serenity, the President, ordered his liquidation yesterday. Or was it the day before?

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[UPDATE: The military has released aerial pictures of the bin Laden Compound in Abbottabad, and they are nothing like any of the locations pinpointed on the Google Map of the area linked above. Hm. The site in the picture from Google Maps that I posted is one of several sites identified as "bin Laden's compound" on the map, and I decided to use it because it was so close to the Army College which has been referenced repeatedly in the "News" as being within 1000 feet of the Compound. That is not the Compound in the military's release. Well. How about that. Something to keep in mind, however, is that the military does not tell the truth. They lie.]

[SOME FURTHER NOTES ON "THE COMPOUND": Well, turns out the Osama Compound in Abbottabad where he was captured and/or killed, is this one:

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...which as you can see is in quite a rural area of the Abbottabad district called "Bilal Town." What you can't see in this crop is that it is some distance from one of what I assume are several unmarked military installations in the Abbottabad area, but they do not appear to be the "Pakistani West Point."

No doubt you could walk from this site to the Army Burnall College, which is seen in the satellite crop I initially used, but it would be a goodly hike, several kilometers.

Since the Narrative has been ever-changing, the actual location of the Osama Hideout vis a vis other landmarks is not all that important. It's simply a data point for future reference and consideration.]

And there was dancing. Dancing in the streets of New York and DC now.

Well. Yes. I suppose.

Is bloodlust sated now? Can the Nation's military machine stop killing Arabs and other Muslims for a while? Or does this mean we "must move on" to the next target, the Persian Horde under the Devil Ahmadinejad?

Plus ça change, n'est-ce pas?

Once on a killing jag, they say, it's hard to get off, and what with the unfolding events in North Africa, there are plenty of signs that the Slaughter of the Infidel is far from done.

I'm reminded for some reason of the extraordinary Warrior Scenes found emblazoned on many of the grave goods in Tutankhamen's Tomb, these Warrior Scenes of the Boy Pharaoh at Slaughter, doing in Egypt's Traditional Enemies with the arrow, sword and lance, tying the pitiful survivors into slave coffles and hauling them off to perpetual servitude.

Over and over and over again.

Every Pharaoh had his Battle Scenes, every Pharaoh smote his Traditional Enemies, the Enemies of the Two Lands, the Enemies of Mankind. It's what they did, it's who they were, whether or not there was any protective need or reason to Smite the Foe, or even if they actually ever smote them, the Pharaohs of yore were always depicted doing so.

So. The liquidation of bin Laden, if it is real -- or even if it is not -- will not necessarily have any effect on the perpetual smiting of Enemies, real or not. "Protection" from our enemies, whoever they are, wherever they might be, has become the primary public role of the Presidency, a Presidency that has morphed into an Imperial Autocracy right before our very eyes.

Without Enemies and their perpetual extermination, what's the point of... well, anything?

Plus ça change...

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