Saturday, May 14, 2011


Our congressman in New Mexico is Martin Heinrich, a former mayor of Albuquerque and a generally progressive representative in Congress. He's decided to go for the open Senate seat being vacated by Jeff Bingaman, a generally reliable Democrat, but not, I would say, all that "progressive."

In fact, Heinrich has really impressed me while he's been in Congress for outstanding constituent services, even though a considerable part of his district is not inclined to support Democrats. Well, they're ranchers. Cowboys. They don't cotton to pussy-footing pissants.

New Mexico State Senator Eric Griego announced his intention to run for Martin Heinrich's House seat last month, and the announcement caused a great deal of excitement. I was only marginally familiar with him before -- he's tangled with Susana Martinez, the not-quite-insane Republican governor of New Mexico -- but the ad posted above is really quite impressive.

If he's elected -- and I suspect he will carry Albuquerque easily, but he may run into resistance in among the cussed independents of the East Mountains -- I think he could be a remarkable presence in the House.

Of course, with Howie Klein's support through Blue America, there's no chance of failure. Is there?


  1. Hey Ché,

    Yes, indeed, very impressive commercial. Honestly, it makes me sad. I found myself reacting against it in self-protection, because it raises up the welter of feelings I invested in the Obama campaign. I can't believe how deeply I bit the big shiny hook that Obama offered, just how passionately I worked to persuade men and women who were struggling so hard to make it through the day that it was worth their time and energy to organize for the man.

    I trust you know this man's record, and I will to hope that he succeeds in his stated aspirations.

    Take care, man.


  2. Unfortunately, I don't know his record more than superficially -- and what's in the ad. It's not that hard to find out, though. New Mexico is still small enough that it's possible to connect directly with politicians, to meet them and get to know them and their records and to make relatively rational decisions on whether they would be responsible representatives.

    Sometimes the unexpected crops up, like the current governor (but her Democratic opponent was politically hopeless...)

    I hear you on the Obama disappointment. I never did have any illusions about him, nor about the way he'd govern, but there are still times when he can piss me off just the same.

    The Presidency is essentially an elected ("") monarch that's become more and more wrapped up in Imperial trappings. One thing that Obama has really tried to do -- that he doesn't get any credit for -- is to restore the Congress to its rightful constitutional position, something the Busheviks pretty much destroyed during their tenure. They were running a straight up autocracy, with neither the patience for nor the interest in an "independent" Congressional branch of government.

    Of course, getting Congress back on track is an ugly process... ;-)

    I will certainly try to do more research on this Griego person. From what I've seen, I really like him. But... it's early yet.

    BTW, I've been following your rejoinders to your fellow protestor/arrestee with regard to the issues underlying the movement to Free Bradley Manning (and other matters).

    It's a very helpful near-dialogue about some important issues. I appreciate your delving into it as deeply as you -- and your email correspondent -- do.