Tuesday, October 2, 2012

OT: About This Complicated Life Thing

Been working up to 18 hours a day on the final preps for the move and have not had much energy available for the interwebs and such. This is hard physical labor which I used to be able to do -- twenty years ago -- but not so much any more. Clearing out the accumulated detritus of the last twenty years (and more, a good deal more) from the garage has been the primary obstacle to moving forward on other projects; it has taken much longer than I anticipated. Someday, I'll show pictures. Or maybe not. Snarf.

Nevertheless, it is nearly done. And now I have to drive like a demon to New Mexico to unload some stuff there, meet with the appraiser (the refi is going forward bit by bit), pick up mail, chop the weeds somewhat, then hightail it back to CA to finish the job of moving out.

Most difficult, perhaps, is dealing with all the memories of so many adventures, difficulties, successes and failures, so many projects, so much written material, so many scripts submitted (I found three full boxes of them, plus others -- many others -- scattered throughout a dozen other boxes. These were scripts submitted to the theater; of them, approximately 110 received at least a staged reading, several dozen were produced by us.)

Not all the memories are happy ones (! ha !) but most are, and that's kind of wonderful given how problematical what we've been doing is.

Many tons of debris have been jettisoned. The jewels have (mostly) been kept.

(UPDATE): Yay. The appraisal has been rescheduled to next week, so I don't have to race hell for leather to NM today and tomorrow and can leave this weekend instead. Yay.  Various things were going on this morning, and one of them turned out to be a phone call from NM regarding the appraiser being in Grants just before the time appointed for our appraisal. It's an hour and a half drive if there isn't a wreck that shuts down I-40 for a shorter or longer period. Better than all of us trying to race from place to place, we can take it a little bit easier.

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