Tuesday, October 9, 2012

OT: Quick Update

Leaving New Mexico for California tomorrow morning.

Got done most of what I came out here to do -- overgrowth mowed, storage arranged for, appraisal done, cell phone minutes rescued, van emptied... etc.

The weather has been spectacular. Just beautiful early Autumn crisp, clear days, little wind, the leaves are just starting to turn, a little chilly in the morning, nice and warm in the afternoon. Beautiful.

Meanwhile, in California, the Cat Bite Saga seems to have resolved positively. No rabies series. Healing is nearly complete -- some internal scar tissue that ought to be absorbed, nothing else but some "dots" where the fangs went in. Amazing.

Many arrangements still to be made, including the final packing and hauling, utilities services terminated, painting and other matters taken care of.

The whirlwind continues, but we're seeing the dim but growing light out there suggesting this phase is just about done...

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