Monday, October 29, 2012


We no longer have a home in California.

We arrived at our place in New Mexico at 4am this morning after a very late start. The drive took longer for some reason than it has in the past -- probably because we had to stop several times for cat-naps. We did not leave our place in California until nearly midnight, arriving at our "mid-way" motel stop in Bakersfield at almost 5am on Sunday morning; we left there at about 10am for the rest of the drive east. A cat has been traveling with us -- she was really wonderfully well behaved. The red van is completely loaded with paintings, R.C. Gorman prints and posters, some antiques, and -- get this -- stuffed animals. In addition, all our personal items are packed into the void spaces including clothes.

We found we had to rent a storage unit in California for the stuff we didn't have room for in the van or the truck and didn't have time to give or throw away. Much time and effort Saturday was taken up with that project.

A truck has been on the way here way for several days and is supposed to be in Albuquerque on Tuesday; we've arranged to have it brought out to our place on Thursday. A couple of accessory buildings are supposed to be delivered either Tuesday or Wednesday, one for temporary storage of mostly books (oh, the books!) until we can get the garage here renovated. I realize now I should have concentrated on doing that before doing some of the other improvements on the place. Better late than never.

The other building is supposed to become a studio -- basically a retreat in the back yard for whatever creative endeavor is underway.

These are both pre-built in Milan (NM), brought on a truck, and placed where we want via forklift.

The complete transition will probably take several more weeks, but it seems much more possible now than it once did.

My posting will be light for a while and most of the focus is liable to be on the minutiae of the move. There are many stories to tell (!).

Oh, I saw from the "news" that the main story is The Storm vs The Election; at least Romney has his priorities straight and was campaigning in Ohio this morning.


  1. I watched the weather channel fairly constantly yesterday since I am in northern Md (doing a-okay so far, only a power outage of a few hours and the big tree in the back has obeyed strict orders to remain in an upright position) and saw that Romney finally mentioned the storm. I guess he felt he oughta at some point, good practice and all. But shades of Bush - the fucker was actually smiling at first as he talked about the potential loss of lives and property. Then suddenly his little smirk disappeared; I can only assume the teleprompter was reading something like "Stop smiling here".

    The guy has definite presidential potential.

    Hope the rest of the settling in goes well. If you can keep Bill Gates from doing his sulpher in the atmosphere experiment over NM, you should be able to enjoy things there.


  2. teri,

    Oh I like the bit about RumBunny changing his campaign event today into a "disaster relief event." In Ohio. Where he may make remarks. What a dunce. I'm sorry, his smirk is just creepy.

    At any rate, glad this Storm didn't do you too much damage and that the tree out back remained in its proper place.

    Sulfur in the atmosphere? Bill Gates? What's this then? Apart from the nukes, the only "experimental" stuff I know about in NM is the Spaceport (zooom! woooosh!) down by TorC somewhere, and the Red Bull fellow jumping out of the balloon at 125000 ft and free-falling (that was kewl also down there by Roswell. Of course I haven't had time to look at the news more than a glance now and then...