Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"And What The American People Need to Understand Is... We Did It All For You!"

I'm completely gobsmacked by Hank Paulson going around to all the shows on the 5 year anniversary of the Lehman Bros Implosion making the claim that the bank bailouts (which have never stopped, let it be said) were done to protect the American People from something dreadful, something incalculably worse that what has happened, and never-ever was it on anybody's mind to "protect the banks." Oh pshaw. The very idea. They did it all for us, so quitcherbitchin, get with the program and carry that load. Ya hear?

I'm just... stunned. He ought to be mortified, but he's clearly out selling snakeoil, still.

Who are these freaks, and who let them have the wheel to the national economy?

Freaks. That's what they really are, freaks, the lot of them, and Paulson is right up there on top, still running the show, just as he was when the meltdown happened.

Millions upon millions of Americans have been forced into poverty by the policies he and his friends and relations in Wall Street and its many branches around the world have put into place and enforced since the collapse of the real estate bubble back in 2008.

The freaks in charge have gained trillions while the People suffer and go hungry and die by their own hands.

The freaks in charge think it's just fine.

And they did it all for us.


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