Thursday, September 5, 2013

Peace -- Building A Better Future

The wardrums continue pounding for the cause of whacking Syria on the way to the Ultimate Prize of "Doing" Iran. The Birth Pangs of the New Middle East simply go on and on and on, unendingly, and yet the vessel is empty. No New Middle East has been birthed. Or if one has been, it's a monster.

While sitting in the auto-repair waiting room yesterday, the teevee was showing a Fox "news" panel discussion of the Syria Thing, actually fairly rational given the source, and one of the panelists -- I have no idea who -- put forth the proposition that "doing" Syria was a waste of time and effort and military might. Everyone knew, he said, that the Real Objective was Iran, so why not just "do" Iran and get it over with? These diversions into places like Syria and Lebanon and Iraq and whatnot were not helping accomplish the Objective.

Well, yes. Iran is the primary objective of the War Party as it has been all along. As someone on the Internets pointed out, the end game of this misbegotten foreign policy is to surround Russia and China with bases and to make it impossible for either of these potential superpowers to rise far enough to threaten United States hegemony for ever and ever, so let it be written, so let it be done, amen.

Peace -- the very idea of it -- is forbidden for the duration.

And the duration may be forever.

Peace is not an acceptable solution to anything so long as there are "threats" -- whether real or fabricated.

Yet Peace is the only rational solution to the war-madness we have been immersed in for far too long.

There is no hint of a movement toward Peace in the current spate of warmongering over Syria and the use (or perhaps accidental release) of Sarin gas in the ongoing civil war there, a civil war that appears to be the product of American Imperial Provocation and Aggression, if the stories of CIA trained death squads roaming at will are to be believed.

How do you get Peace out of this mess?

Peace flows naturally from the three vital principles of Dignity, Justice and Community previously mentioned in this series. Given the appropriate foundational principles, Peace is the almost inevitable outcome.

But Our Rulers have made clear that they don't want Peace, no way, no how. They want perpetual wars, wars of provocation, wars of aggression, a destructive paradise. We, the Rabble, are to have no say whatever in their plans for endless war and devastation.

And yet we must declare their error and we must reject their violence. We must avow Peace as an ultimate goal and reward.

Peace will enable a better future for all, and that is something Our Rulers will fight to the bitter end to prevent.

I say Peace is the natural outcome of adherence to the principles of Dignity, Justice and Community; others may disagree. But without those principles and priorities, we will inevitably be mired in war.

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