Saturday, October 5, 2013

On The Continuing Chaos in DC

The recent DC incident, in which a young mother was shot to death in her car by police and/or Secret Service after being cornered near the Capitol was little more than a blip on the radar; these things have become a kind of New Normal. We now expect people to be shot by police routinely. It's what they do.

The woman was accused of ramming her car into a gate or barricade at the White House and firing at officers as she attempted to escape, but as has been the case with a number of recent high profile police shooting incidents (cf: Boston Bombing suspect captured), she was later determined to be unarmed. The location of the supposed ramming is not at the White House at all, it's the Treasury Building at 15th Street and Pennsylvania Ave NW.  There is no damage to the car that indicates it "rammed" anything at that location in any case.

There is video of a car matching the description of the one she was driving attempting to elude officers near the Capitol, striking one, and then rather expertly maneuvering away from pursuing vehicles. Shots are heard being fired during this escape. Shortly thereafter, apparently, the car is caught in a barricade and the driver is shot to death. There is reported to be an infant in the backseat who was taken to Child Protective Services. That is all.

One of the most striking things -- literally -- that happened during this incident/chase was the police car that rammed a barricade in an apparent attempt to apprehend the suspect.

This is just chaos, pure and simple.

It follows closely on the incident in New York in which bikers and an SUV driver tangled -- and mangled -- one another, and of course the DC incident follows on the heels of the Mother of All Shutdowns, in which the Rs in the House refuse to pay the officers involved in incident but give them a standing ovation instead.  That ought to do, shouldn't it?


The New Normal.

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