Saturday, October 12, 2013

Why Did The Rs Drop the 'Defund Obamacare' Ransom Demand?

No doubt their insurance industry paymasters told them to desist. Or they never intended to follow through on it in any case, it was just red-meat for their ravening base.

Look, Obamacare is practically pure hyper-conservative Heritage Foundation Neo-liberal profit preservation, intended to bulk and perpetuate the profits of the insurance industry, to force purchase of insurance by the multitudes of uninsured, and to place the burden of health care costs squarely on the consumer.

It is neither a universal health care coverage scheme -- there will still be 20-30 million uninsured even with full implementation -- nor is it in any way intended to reduce health care costs or improve health care outcomes.

It is primarily a means of ensuring profits -- forever -- to favored sectors of the industry.

In that, it is perfectly shameful.

But as so many have declared, "It's better than nothing."

Well, maybe. We'll see.

Meanwhile, there could hardly be a more "Republican" version of so-called health care reform, so the whole notion that the Rs would actually repeal it or defund it was absurd. If anything, what they will do -- probably with the connivance of the Dems -- is defund the premium subsidies so that only a very few will qualify. This is not unlike the elimination of community clinics.

The point is to make it slightly less difficult than it was to obtain health insurance -- and to boost the cost to consumers for insurance as far as possible while requiring purchase.

There's an internal logic to the shameful scheme.

But there was never any intention by the Rs to actually interfere with it. No, they just want to ensure that its implementation is as cruel as possible.

It is their way.

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