Thursday, June 12, 2014

Iran To Rescue Iraq From the Sunni Rebels?

Now there's something to contemplate, though it's hardly surprising. As much as the corrupt Shia regime in Baghdad is a client of the United States, it's long been known to be a spiritual and cultural client of Tehran.

So. There's a Sunni uprising -- again -- in Anbar and attacks are being launched in Baghdad itself, and Iran is apparently sending reinforcements to prop up the tottering Maliki regime. American airstrikes are being planned. Panic is nigh. What a clusterfuck. Again. (And don't take Amy's reportage as gospel.)

News is somewhat sketchy -- as all eyes are on Virginia and the Teahadist overthrow of Bohner's #2 -- but even NBC's intrepid Richard Engel, war reporter, recognized why this was happening. The Sunnis have been excluded from Iraqi leadership and politics since the stupid Bush-Cheney engineered invasion that overthrew The Devil Saddam. The Sunnis never accepted it. They have been fighting back ever since.

It's not rocket science, but the only thing the various powers that be can contemplate is total victory or total surrender. The idea of finding accommodation has never entered their minds. They're mad. As in "insane."

How much worse is this fresh hell going to get?

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