Saturday, September 13, 2014

Killer Kop Kompetition Komes to ABQ

The International Killer Kop Kompetition is just about to begin out at Shooting Range Park on the West Mesa, and the festivities will continue through the weekend and into next week. We're told that it's a wonderful thing and we should be grateful that Killer Kops from all over Kreation come to Albuquerque each and every year to riddle paper targets with bullet holes, just like they riddle real people with bullet holes here and everywhere. Yay!

The frequently absent and always tone-deaf mayor of Albuquerque Richard Berry will no doubt greet the arrivals with gushing praise for all the hard work they do to Keep Us Safe (except for those they kill, heh heh) while they eagerly protect and serve their lords -- the masters of the universe.

There will be protests, as there have been all along. Protesters will gather soon at the Shooting Range Park to let the Killer Kops know that they are not celebrated by everyone in town, not by a long shot (so to speak), and to let them know that their ideal world of body counts is not the ideal world most of us hold dear. Far from it.

Before Ferguson, there was Albuquerque, sayeth USA Today. True enough. And there have been so many other places for such a long time now, people are sick to death of it (in a manner of speaking). People like Richard Berry, lacking empathy or even sensibility, celebrate the killing and are celebrated in turn by those higher up the pecking order, for the absence of empathy and the celebration of the suppression of those below them is a hallmark of the times. Our rulers must kill, it seems, or something inside them perishes.

The ABQ Journal, always in tune with its community, infamously claimed that the Killer Kop Kompetition was good for us, and those were opposed should sit down and shut up, because it's good and right that Killer Kops hone their skills. What if they didn't. Think! Just think of the mayhem then! You people! Think!

Yah, right.

We've long been scheduled to take a trip up to Los Alamos this chilly suddenly fall-ish day, and so we shall, but to those who are out there at Shooting Range Park shivering and protesting and announcing "No More!", solidarity. The challenge is met.

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