Friday, September 5, 2014

War and Destruction and Depopulation -- Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste

So if I'm reading the beads right, there is war crisis brewing on several fronts simultaneously, driven by a whole passel of "enemies" -- both real and manufactured -- of the GreatandGlorious Western Peoples and Way of Life, ie: The Empire of Chaos and Gloom.


Here we go again.

I said I dreaded what was to come Post-Labor Day and this is why, and this is largely what. Allowing and then tamping down the rage and outrage in Ferguson now seems to be part of the Plan all along. No wonder Darren Wilson was whisked into seclusion where he remains to this day. Protected, he is. By... whom? Ferguson PD or City Admin? No, not likely. More likely, some Greater Entity.

I'm even wondering if Brave Officer Wilson actually was a hit man. On a mission to find and kill him a Black Man, to trigger a "riot" that wasn't, and to keep the focus of media and public attention on the events in Ferguson, and on the topic of militarized domestic policing -- with much, much display of hardware and manpower to cow the rabble, much display of authority (in the sense of 'authoritay'), much chaos, but actually very little to show for any of it.

Was Ferguson an end-of-summer distraction? A Shark-nado for the masses? I commenced to wonder when Tim Pool was sent out to the hustings by VICE and almost immediately got himself into hot water with the Authoritays, almost (but not quite) getting arrested, then pinned down (oh yes!) by flying bullets ("shots fired! Shots fired!" he was chanting this almost like a mantra during much of his time on the mean-streets of Ferguson), then hit by a rubber bullet ("I'm hit! I'm HIT!!! I'm OK!") as he makes his way through the flying gas and smoke and Negroes of Ferguson. Oh, it was so dramatic. Breathtaking. And in the morning it seemed so false.

Was it a show or was it real?

Soon enough, the New Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam and the local clergy become recruits by and for the police to tamp down and control and channel the protests, and Captain ("Magic") Johnson, the Black Face of August Authoritay, praises their efforts to bring calm and control to the Negroes of Ferguson, to mollify them, to keep them within carefully set boundaries and to find and eject the agitators and revolutionary communists in their midst. Wait. The Fuck? Communists??? But yes, they were there, almost from the beginning, Bob Avakian's RCP, right out front carrying their banners and shouting their slogans for Revolution! Now! and what a wonder it was to see. I saw them on the Livestream, I think it was the Fox2 Livestream, and their lead agitator, IIRC, was even given a live interview early on in the protests, though he wasn't identified as RCP at that time. Not that I recall. The banner they carried and led parades with was noted but not particularly worried over. It was just part of the scene.

The only problem with the RCP is that it is largely white, and very -- VERY -- small in numbers. Their "agitation" amounted to talking smack about the police and the authoritays. Who wasn't doing that, fergawssake? But once the Men (and Women) of the Cloth were recruited to curb and channel the crowd's enthusiasm for making mischief and defying commands of constituted Authoritay, the communinists and agitators were summarily ejected from the festivities in the streets, never to be seen again.

If they were real agitators, this couldn't and wouldn't have happened. Making them out to be communists was a stroke of brilliance I haven't seen for a good long time, and it worked like a charm. To be blunt, the actual agitators within the crowds were suspected to be police plants from the outset. They were the ones "throwing things" at the police, thus triggering the gassing and grenading of the people time after time after time. Even the few looters were alleged to be plants, recruits in other words, set to their task by the police themselves, police who looked on as the looters did their business, police who looked on and refused to intervene. This was noted by the crowd and it was recognized for what it was: additional provocation enabled and quite likely directed by the police themselves. There were so many signs of this kind of thing throughout the period of protest in Ferguson.

The people seemed to understand at least some of what was going on. And their frustration was palpable. But when the high profile celebrities showed up, most of the fire went out of the protests.

The Reverends Al and Jesse led the parade of high-status Negroes who descended on Ferguson, culminating with the Highest of the Mighty, the AG Himself, Eric Holder who spoke with delegated representatives of the People, in quiet rooms off the main protest routes and listened to their concerns with gravity and skill. He listened and listened and promised swift action on the matter of the dead boy, what was his name, oh yes Michael, Michael Brown. That was it. He flew back to DC, a job well done.

And then just yesterday he announced that the whole matter of the Ferguson PD will be investigated. Thoroughly. This led to intense cheering in the usual places. Finally! Something would be done! Well, except that DoJ investigations of such things tend to take forever, and a report is delayed and delayed and delayed unless there is some kind of agitation and uproar among the People (often enough driven by another police killing) at which time the Report will be released, but then many (many!) more months pass while an "agreement" is hammered out with the affected Authoritay, only to see, years and years down the road that little or nothing has actually changed, except that the repression of particular segments of the population has been professionalized. Oh, I've seen it happen. Again and again. And if the local Authoritays wish to, they will monkeywrench the whole thing. Even professionalizing the repression can get their goats. See Oakland and Seattle among a number of examples.

So. All this was going on at the end of summer and it was quite a show, but it's over now, and we've moved on to the war drums that were beating all along, with many, many fronts opening up, a battle space that is, for all practical purposes, all of Africa, all of Asia, and all of Europe. The Entire Old World. How interesting. India was just added yesterday, as the more or less eclipsed 'al Qaeda' announced it was opening a branch operation in Mumbai or someplace to stir the pot as it were.

The Middle Kingdom, China, has been on the periphery of the Battle Space, and wisely chooses not to get involved in the squabbles of the Outer Barbarians, but does one really think that China isn't the ultimate prize coveted by the Western Powers That Be, just as it was in the 19th Century? Jebus, it's so obvious.

Our Rulers have reverted in the West to the expansionist/imperialist era of times gone by, and they can't seem to help themselves.

The Freaks and Crazies running things in Europe are absolutely bonkers as they passionately foment War Against Stalin, er Hitler, er Putin the Devil, laying waste to Ukraine in the process. The death and destruction and dislocation brought on the east and south of Ukraine has left many towns and villages totally destroyed and the main cities suffering from want and disease and scattered destruction from (highly illegal) indiscriminate shelling by untrained and antagonistic Ukrainian "troops," some of which are apparently nothing more than rampaging death squads, and most of which seem eager to desert before they are wiped out by a motivated by ill-equipped resistance.

What fresh hell is this?

The sabers are constantly rattled at Putin the Devil, but then when he rattled his own sabers the other day, the Freaks and Crazies running the goon show in Europe ratcheted back their belligerence just a hair and started talking cease-fire, blah blah blah. What cowards they are. The Kiev junta have few troops and apparently fewer supplies with which to continue their course of death and destruction in the Donbass, and a million or more refugees have already fled, and much destruction has been accomplished, along with some thousands of dead "on both sides" -- although there have been statements that up to ten thousand "Ukie" soldiers have perished in their futile attempt to dislodge and destroy the Donbass resistance, and there's general mutiny now among the remnants. Well, could be, I don't know. The news from there is heavily shaped by propaganda. What's really going on is a mystery -- except for the fact that it is obviously ugly.

Of course this could all be Phony War and Phony Pause before the all-out Nuclear Holocaust we've been waiting for... If the freaks and crazies want it so, so it will be, and there is next to nothing we can do about it apart from finding some remote corner of creation to hunker down in. Get out of the way of the inevitable. What will be will be and we don't have a say.

That's something they -- the big bad They -- always want us to believe, but it may be true more than ever this time around.

The destruction of Libya, Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and many remote corners of Africa and the bombardment of parts of the periphery of Asia continue apace. Nothing seems to interfere with the destruction and death and dislocation.

Observers question the underlying causes though. They question the legitimacy of the various metastasizing rebel outfits -- suggesting that many if not most of them are creations of the very powers which are so bravely fighting them, much as Hamas came out of the Israeli need for a Palestinian counter to Fatah. They create their own enemies, in other words, for the purpose of having a boogie man to fight.

In other words, if the natives won't rebel properly, the colonial powers will create a rebel force to fight against.

Colonialism and imperialism are the driving principles, plainly enough, but the upshot where all this induced chaos is supposed to lead, is not clear at all.

This is not the march of totalitarianism, after all, no matter how much we're supposed to believe it is. Nor is it the clash of civilizations. The level of agreement among the ostensible combatants is striking. It's not even a system against system conflict. It appears to be nothing more than a contest for dominance between related interests, like a business competition for dominance of a market with similar (worthless) products and (lack of) services by all contenders.

Colonialism and imperialism are the type-models for this global conflict, but that's not the reality of what is currently going on. There will be no colonies or overt empires as of yore, no matter who or what emerges triumphant. Instead, there will be... nothing?

The crippling drought in California seems to have shaken at least some of the Ruling Class enough for them to realize that the Climate Crisis may now be beyond their ability to take advantage of. I don't know. Droughts will come and go after all, and there is no certainty that the water crisis in California will continue indefinitely. But there is near-certainty that there can be no reversing of the Climate Crisis by main force and will alone. All the warned of calamities are inevitable therefore, and there is nothing to be done about it. It is what it is.

Thus Ultimate Chaos?

Seems to be the way they see the future. Rather than delay it, they go with the flow, inducing Chaos where it isn't yet the natural state of things, spreading it by degrees hither and thither before Nature can do it for them prefiguring the inevitable wrack and ruin.

I don't know that that's what they're thinking, but it sure looks like what they are doing.

We aren't even pawns in that game.

We are being ruled by threat and force now, not persuasion. We are being told we do not control anything, nor shall we be allowed to. We have no say in what will be.

That was the late summer lesson of Ferguson.

So it is and will be in distant lands as well. Have the Freaks and Crazies who rule us decided our fate, like herders of yore?

We. Shall. See.

(Pssst: another world is possible...)

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