Friday, September 5, 2014


This video was posted by the Sacramento Bee recently. The video was made by prison staff who have been ordered to document every use of force against inmates. It shows the "extraction" of a mentally ill inmate from a single-man cage (euphemistically called a "holding cell") at Corcoran State Prison in California on December 3, 2012, after he allegedly refuses to leave the cage voluntarily. Some of it is difficult to see or hear because of censorship of sounds and censorship bars over the backs of some of the "extraction" team, but enough can be seen and heard to realize that the only means the staff has to deal with this prisoner is pain compliance, coercion and humiliation; there is literally nothing else available to them.

It's an obscenity. It happens every day. Sometimes with much greater brutality. Under no circumstances are inmates to be treated with dignity or respect. Only pain, humiliation and coercion allowed.

Is it any wonder they rebel?

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