Thursday, December 18, 2014

Officers Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez, the Executioners of James Boyd, to be Indicted on an Open Count of Murder???? Get Out...

Word has been circulating in Albuquerque that the men who killed James Boyd on March 16, 2014, in the Sandia foothills east of town will be indicted on an open count of murder sometime in the spring or whenever Bernalillo County District Attorney Kari Brandenburg gets around to it.

Will wonders never cease?

Actually,  this Wonder is one to take with a grain of salt. Given her history, Brandenburg would not indict them -- or any other police officer performing his "duty" -- without enormous political pressure, and the way she's said to be going about it, skipping the grand jury and going directly to a judge who will rule on whether or not there is sufficient evidence to go to trial at a preliminary hearing (think Perry Mason), indicates she is not interested in a conviction, only the cover of an indictment to show that she "did her job," and oh well, isn't it too bad, just too damn bad, that these two get off.

Previously, it was reported that the parallel FBI probe of the Boyd execution was unlikely to result in any charges.

Also, too, it's possible neither of these stories is true. They may be put "out there" as oil on the waters.
In other news, Jeremy Dear, the APD officer who stalked and killed Mary Hawkes in April of 2014, was let go from the department for his consistent failure to turn on his body camera when interacting with the public. There was no video of the Hawkes killing because -- apparently -- Dear didn't turn on his camera once again, ergo... bye bye. Problem is, he has a team of lawyers (all police officers seem to have a team of lawyers these days) who strenuously object to his dismissal and are working to get his job back.
Meanwhile, Shane Todd, the State Police sniper who operates in the Albuquerque area and who shot and killed Kendall Carroll in Albuquerque and Ernest Atterberry in Moriarty and who has shot and wounded others, has not been named as the shooter who fired at and wounded a suicidal Christopher Gallegos on Interstate 25 the other day. The lack of information in this incident is troubling. Whether Todd was the shooter in this incident remains unknown. There are hints that he was shot by officer(s) who approached his truck, but what actually happened remains a mystery.
The Bernalillo County Sheriff's Deputy who shot and killed Adam Padilla the other day as Bobby Unser watched has not yet been named either. My sense is the deputy may have panicked when Padilla got out of his car and approached the officer -- who may have just discovered outstanding warrants on Padilla.

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