Thursday, December 25, 2014

So This Is Christmas.....

[Unfortunately, Vines tend to freeze or crash my browser. I generally won't use them or link to them for that reason. If this one causes your browser to have problems, my apologies. I'm looking for livestreams of the event, so far without success...]

Outside the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis last night, some people mostly dressed in black, bearing a poignant sign reading :


gathered during Christmas Eve Mass. During Mass they gathered and chanted "Black Lives Matter". Outside the Cathedral Basilica...

The police were summoned and assembled in all their riot get-up, fully armed for "Righteous Battle" against the predators and wolves, the criminals and thugs who would dare to stand in the cold outside the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, during Christmas Eve Mass and disturb the gentle reveries about the Christ Child in the Manger,  and Peace on Earth, and... Goodwill Toward Men.

And then the police marched in protective phalanxes. They took up positions beside the Cathedral doors. They menaced the small crowd outside -- the crowd outside with their hand-lettered sign reading BLACK LIVES MATTER. 

The police threatened and intimidated. They made mock by their presence of the Joy to the World proclaimed in Bethlehem so many centuries ago. They cast fear and dread before them. They denied the very godhead they claimed to be protecting.

From what were they protecting?  From whom? And why?

In their minds, in their sad and addled minds, they were protecting the flock -- the sheep inside -- from the dreaded wolves baying at the doors outside. "Black Lives Matter!" means "let me kill you and eat you!" in this warped vision so many police carry in their heads, and so many Good White Folks sheepishly go along with. 

Black lives don't matter you see in that context. Black lives are dangerous by definition, and the only thing that can be done with them is to corral them in their multitudes and to kill them. And kill them. And kill them.

It's the American Way, the only way Americans have known throughout their history. 

I saw this image on Bassem Masri's Twitter feed this morning, Christmas morning, and I literally broke down in tears; it is too fucking true. Too fucking true for too fucking long.  In this, the greatest nation that ever was. Or so we have been led to believe.

There are those believers who insist that our nation's greatness is due to... that. The slaughter, the murder, the plunder, the rape. All of it protection from the Demons and soul-less un-humans, the thugs and the wolves and the savages and the animals, who would  run wild and devour the Good Honest People, the sheep, the dedicated achievers, the (shhh) white folk (shh) for whom God Himself granted this land, this New Jerusalem, this Shining City on the Hill.

They cannot imagine not killing the wolves at the door. It would be so... wrong.

This is the attitude of so many police and their masters. Kill and kill some more before the wolves get in and kill and eat you. 

For in their minds, that is what will happen if they ever stop killing the wolves at the door of the Cathedral.

They sincerely believe that the Thin Blue Line (now they often wear black, but you know...) is the only thing that stands between Civilization (white folks) and Utter Doom.

They sincerely believe it, and it is false.

So many are so sure that the killing must continue uninterrupted or Civilization itself will perish from the face of the Earth. And they are wrong. 

So this is Christmas... 

And I pray for the Awakening, for true Joy and Glad Tidings.

[Another Vine, I know... sorry... Vines are the only visuals I've found this morning of last night's action at the Cathedral... ]

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