Thursday, November 10, 2016

No Tie. Trumped Instead.

Or so it seems.

Much as I raised the question of whether the (s)election would turn into an Electoral College tie, I now ask whether Those Who Rule Us will allow Tuesday's results to stand. Right now, I suspect they will for reasons of their own -- to them, Trump is at worst a buffoon, at best an entertainer for the masses -- but because of some inherent instabilities in the systems they run, this might change overnight.

Trump himself brought it up with his constant claims that "the election is rigged," and the implication that he wouldn't accept the outcome if Hillary won. The unfortunate thing is that the System is most definitely rigged, and elections and their outcome can be rigged quite easily. Soooo.... Why should anyone accept a Trump victory any more than he was going to accept a Clinton victory?

It always depends on whose ox is getting gored, doesn't it?

It goes farther than that. Our elections have never been pristine. The idea that they are some kind of models of democracy is a hoary and perverse myth. They have always been subject to manipulation and outright fraud, and time after time, the winner of the popular vote (whether the count is accurate or not is another question) has been denied the Presidency thanks to the Electoral College and behind the scenes horse trading and chicanery. That is Our System.

In this case, it appears that Hillary won the popular vote, but Trump swept the Electoral College vote, but of course, in Our System the popular vote is an interesting but not determining data point. And if it looks like the popular and electoral votes will coincide to elect the Wrong Candidate, there is always the possibility of intervention by lawless outside forces, cf: 2000 election.

It's easy enough, however, to just just jigger the outcome by fixing the machines. They say it's easy-peasy, and it's done all the time, though I can't vouch for the claims, nor -- so far -- has anyone been able to do so in a completely convincing manner. The electronic voting machines with proprietary software, however, are a disaster for "free and fair" elections because they can be jiggered, sometimes undetectably and there's no way to know what has happened.

So Trump was claiming the election was rigged loudly and constantly and he said he would only accept the outcome if he won.

Well, I think it is worthwhile pursuing his claim that the election was rigged -- not in Hillary's favor, as he insisted, but in his own.

There are plenty of anomalies to be considered, starting with Pennsylvania, but it's probable that anomalies will be found throughout the electoral landscape.

Let's say enough anomalies are found to flip or tie the EC outcome. What do we do then? We don't know, do we?

Some have already said that because Hillary conceded, nothing at all can be done. The election is settled. Trump is the 45th President Elect, and that is that.

There are other ways TPTB can and most certainly will overrule this outcome -- if they want. We won't get into them now, but they exist, and we've seen examples of those Other Ways from time to time throughout our history.

Right now, it doesn't look like they want to overrule the outcome, whereas it was pretty obvious what outcome they wanted and would get in 2000. Perhaps they always wanted Trump and all the sturm und drang of the Elites over his buffonish, racist, misogynist candidacy was an elaborate charade and pretense to fool the rubes and snooker the Rabble. I don't know. The fact that there is an R majority congress and a radical R in the White House means that there will be no gridlock, any more than there was when the Bush Regime was installed back in the day. Oh, no! There was almost complete cooperation from the Democrats in the spirit of bipartisan comity, and after 9/11, (almost) anything the Busheviks wanted was theirs for the asking or taking. We've been in a police state and a world of hurt ever since. That is by deliberate design.

I'm quite sure that Trump as President will do nothing that doesn't somehow profit him personally. Profit can be money. Profit can be prestige. Profit can be naked power. Wielding the power of the presidency, particularly against perceived threats or enemies, foreign or domestic, is intoxicating. But Trump is always looking out for number 1, first and foremost, the rest of creation can get out of the way and fend for itself. So what he would do in office is "uncertain," and our Ruling Cliques hate uncertainty. No? They could get behind the disastrous Bush 2 Regime and stick with it long after it had proved its ruinous malignancy because they knew with almost perfect certainty what that outfit would do.

Many of them got richer than their wildest dreams in the process.

They profited from Bush 2, and they continued to profit mightily under Obama, as they would continue to do so under Clinton 2 -- so long as she didn't trigger WWIII (which she wouldn't, but that's another issue I won't deal with right now)  -- but what happens when El Jefe is the one, and only one, whose profits matter? That's Trump. Now what?

See the dilemma?

While he is an example of his class -- oh my yes -- he's something of a rogue example in that he is overtly a conman and gangster. He is a bully without question. A racist. A misogynist. A thief. One could go on and on. But strangely, there was almost no examination of his business behavior and the details of his personal life during the campaign apart from his obvious indiscretions. The "scandals" that were produced were on the order of the Clinton Scandals, prurient but essentially irrelevant because they didn't tie together the threads of a complete picture of who the man is -- and according to those who've known him a long time, the man-boy he's always been.

It's not a pretty picture. It should be deeply disturbing to anyone who cares about others.

But painting that picture was never done, at least no more than a rough sketch, perhaps because "everyone who mattered" thought he couldn't and wouldn't win. He was just too outrageous.


Well, here we are.

This is not about Clinton or her campaign. That's a topic for another post. But she and the Democratic Pooh-Bahs should be deeply and mortally ashamed. They won't be. They're like the Bourbons in that regard. They learn nothing and they forget nothing.

I've been disturbed by some supposed "progressive" internet daily defenses of Trump -- particularly at NC, Ian's Place, and MoA. He is not defensible, but for some reason, these and other ostensibly "progressive" sites saw fit to daily trash Hillary for crimes real and imagined, and to present defenses of Trump in order, they said, to counter media anti-Trump propaganda and lies. Propaganda from the media? Who'd a thunk? The problem was, it wasn't necessarily lies.

As I said more than once, there are plenty of reasons not to vote for Hillary; there's no reason at all to vote for Trump, yet they were so determined to defend him, they would often opine that this or that factor was reason enough to vote for Trump. No. I do not respectfully disagree; I dispute and denounce the very idea.

The man is a thoroughgoing monster, and the only justification for voting for him is complete nihilism. Being somewhat naive about the way the federal government operates is no comfort.

The Busheviks knew all the levers of power and how to operate them, they were extremely well connected within the government, and they had a remarkably cooperative Democratic "opposition." They had every advantage going in, but it still took them 9 months and 9/11 to get their act together enough to consolidate their coup and inaugurate the New American Century as outlined in that infamous White Paper.

That plan is still the operating plan of Our Government and its Rulers. Obama provided an interregnum, but he didn't really change any of its primary aspects.

Trump has (sort of) vowed to shatter the whole thing, which I don't believe for a minute, and substitute something less globalist/hegemonic and more nationalist. Except he's got all these neoLibCons on his "team" -- so-called -- and their very presence means that nothing much is going to change with regard to the Plan, only that its current operators will be replaced with new or recycled ones, and they will be much, much meaner.

Of course this is not at all what he was talking about during the campaign, but you could see by his actions and who he had lined up as backers, it was what he would do. Typical con-man to re-negotiate the contract after closing the sale, too.

I don't want to go on and on and on about these things, but there are obvious signs of what's to come if he is allowed to become President. Clear as a bell, just as it was clear that the Busheviks were angling to get us into a hot war as soon as they could. It was a main reason why they were put in office. That and all the profits that would accrue to the Highest of the Mighty.

The question is will Our Betters allow the Trump rampage to get under way. If they do, they will not be able to control it no matter how highly they think of themselves and their power. I am certain enough that they don't care about what happens to the Rabble, but they do care about themselves and their power and position -- and their control of the government. All that is potentially out the window with Trump -- who only cares about himself. In other words, Our Betters have to demonstrate their loyalty to him before anything else, and even then they risk everything they've accumulated plus any future gains because of his pettiness and unpredictability. At least Hillary would have served them, just as Obama has done. With Trump, they just don't know.

And they have a range of means to stop him.

Will they?

¿Quien sabe?

Personally, I doubt they will take action until it is too late, then woe betide.

Note: I spent most of yesterday among a lot of Indians (ie: Native Americans, just to be clear), and to say they were devastated, sick at heart, clearly in mourning is to put it mildly. The outcome of the election has hurt them deeply, to the core. Those of us who have lived through a number of such elections can be somewhat sanguine about it, I suppose. "It's not going to be that bad," we can opine, and try to comfort our suffering brothers and sisters with nostrums like, "We'll get through this, too."

But this time... I don't know. I just don't know.

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