Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wasting Time

The Hillary Hate just goes on and on and on. Folded in with it is Obama Hate and the ever-popular Democrat Hate. No such hate or scrutiny applies to Trump and the Republicans, at least not on most of sites I tend to visit. It's all Hillary/Democrat/Obama Hate all the time.

As for Trump and his merry band of conmen, thieves, mountebanks, and white supremacists, criticism has been, until recently, muted or non-existent. Inappropriate Trump fluffing is non-stop. Still.

The items:

*He canceled TPP (he didn't)
*He has prevented WWIII (he hasn't)
*He beat the Hag like a tin drum (he didn't)
*The reign of neoliberal/neoconservative ideologues is over (it isn't)

*The protests are trivial, irrelevant, and/or funded by Soros and filled with Clinton Cultist Losers (come on, false on every point.)

Do people who believe these things have any critical thinking skills left at all? Apparently not.

I've wondered why. What happened to people who once seemed to be pretty sharp and insightful who are now so consumed with Hillary Hate and Trump Love, they can't even begin to see or understand what's happening. How did that happen?

While I have no brief for Scott Adams, he seemed to understand pretty clearly what was happening with Trump and why he was "sure" Trump would win. (Note, his apparent EC victory is highly questionable, but we'll get to that another time. He got nowhere near a popular vote win.)

Adams said that Trump was using a form of persuasion/hypnosis to convince his growing cadre of acolytes and cult followers. In other words he's a con-man, and he knows how to con just about anyone to get what he wants.

In a way, he's not unlike Obama.

Hillary is practically incapable of conning in the way Trump and Obama can. She lies, yes, and often says whatever she's told will gain her support whether she believes it or not. But she can't run the Big Con. And that may be why the plug was pulled on her at the last minute.

At the very end of the campaign, suddenly and inexplicably, a series of events occurred that had the effect of pulling the plug on Hillary and denied her the EC victory. Exactly how that happened needs more careful and honest analysis than it's received, but it's obvious that something happened that probably shouldn't have if the election was free and fair.

Well, our elections are jokes anyway, so whatever it was, it probably is not all that unusual.

I never fell for his con; I could and can see right through it. I never bought Hillary's hooey either. Neither one of them had any appeal to me. But that's me. Obviously most voters went to one or the other.

Trump should never become president. A billionaire white supremacist conman should not be president of any functioning democracy, but -- no surprise -- we don't have a functioning democracy or representative government, we have a fully captured government that serves the interest of.... people like Trump... and which needs a con artist at its helm.

People who haven't been conned by him -- and they are legion, though many of them have stayed quiet -- may see him somewhat differently than I do, But they all seem to see him as a threat -- a threat because of what he has done: incited violence at his rallies, approved of and used racist/sexist rhetoric, issued threats and insults toward anyone who he chooses to target and approved of his loyalitsts who "get 'em", and he has taken glee and mocked the suffering of others.

It's his metier, and it hasn't changed since his (s)election.

The whole rigamarole over whether he is or is not a fascist is mostly moot. The nation has been crypto fascist for so long it's hard to know when it began. White supremacy is ingrained through the whole fabric of American government and society. It's in the Constitution for cripes' sake. It's the way this country has been operated from the beginning and it still is. Let's not fool ourselves. The corporate state serving the rich and generally ignoring everyone else is as American as apple pie.

The progress in race relations since the 1950s was bought with tremendous cost, and yet white supremacy has never been overthrown, it's barely gone underground.

Trump seems prepared to revive this old American tradition (of "Greatness") more or less as it was before Brown vs Board of Education, maybe as it was before the armed forces were integrated by Truman.

Fascism cannot be introduced by Trump because it's intrinsic to the way the US  has been run for generations. It became most overt and obvious during FDR's regime, but was never entirely absent before or since.

The US has always been authoritarian. Always. Trump may make it more so, but he cannot introduce authoritarianism. It's long been integral.

And so on.

It's a total waste of time to focus on Hillary or someone else's badness while ignoring the big ol' elephant in the room, but that's what I see going on as every criticism of Trump is met with "But Hillary!" and every notice of the harm to come from the Trump/Republican agenda is met with "Demonrats!! Evil!!!"

It's crazy.

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