Friday, November 18, 2016

'Nother Note on Information Sources

Just so you know, I don't watch cable "news" and I will not allow cable TeeVee in my home. I occasionally watch Democracy Now!, one or more network news broadcasts, PBS Newshour, and various foreign news outlets that are on my PBS station,. That doesn't include RT or Aljazeera, though I will sometimes check them online.

I do not do Twitter and I do not do Facebook, though occasionally I will look at bits of postings to either platform if I find an interesting link somewhere. Usually, I don't.

I have two Win10 news feeds, neither of which are comprehensive but they do provide a quick glance at events. I will look at the New York Times and WaPo online if not daily, at least every other day, and I also read the LA Times online, but probably only once a week. My local news sources are fairly slim, and they include KXNM radio, which has an outstanding London-based news roundup hourly. I occasionally read the Albuquerque Journal online and pick up whatever "alternative" news papers I see in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

I have really limited the websites I visit. They include DKos (I've been a member since 2003, and I along with a whole raft of Old Timers was horrified by Markos's dicta and his inappropriate Hillary fluffing. It was nauseating, but I long ago concluded that Markos was running a con, basically with the intent of rebuilding the Republican Party along the lines it once had before the crazies took over. I don't think he cares about Democrats at all) the Intercept, Naked Capitalism, and Ian Welsh's Place. Inappropriate Trump fluffing is still common at NC and Ian's place, for reasons I can only imagine are due to cognitive capture. NC has backed off its incessant Trump boosterism, but in my view they're still captive to the con.

I do follow links if the information looks interesting and/or compelling.

Otherwise, there are random sites I visit now and then.

I'm not a shut in yet, so I still have a fairly active life out and about; that means I'm not glued to the news 24/7 and I wouldn't want to be. I tend to be an early riser, so my news consumption is generally between 4am and 7am. Then it's on to whatever is on the activity calendar for the day. This is one of the times I don't have anything scheduled for this afternoon.

I think I'll take a nap.

If anybody has any good news sources, let me know!

[Note: I forgot to mention MoA (Moon of Alabama) which I check daily for the latest Inappropriate Trump Fluffing from overseas. Bernhard is I believe German living in Germany. His analyses of Syria and other conflicts is usually very good, but his absolute devotion to Trump -- which he denies -- shows his own susceptibility to falling for the blandishments of a conman. Oh well.]


  1. dailykos, ug. (Sorry. I just find their articles too heavily thought-policed now. Quit reading them years ago.)

    Anyway, a couple of suggestions, for what it's worth:

    All the best to you and the Mrs.!

    1. Hey teri!

      Thanks for the suggestions. I used to check wsws more often, I'll have to check them out again. Great analysis.

      Counterpunch and informationclearinghouse when I can, usually if they're linked from somewhere, but they're on my list.

      Best to you too.