Wednesday, February 13, 2008

70 Dems in the House, 20 in the Senate, Always

Atrios and several other of the haute blogmondistes have tentatively suggested that, possibly, um, could be, those Democrats who reliably split with their Dem colleagues and cleave to the Regime and its Republican handmaidens in the House and Senate -- about 70 in the House and typically 20 or so in the Senate -- actually think they are... doing... the... right... thing.

They are not being hypocrites, they are not violating their Values. They are not necessarily craven, and quite possibly they are not cowards either. They and we just don't... agree.


Why, just the other day, Atrios even suggested that, actually, the "majority" in the House and Senate is not Democratic at all, but is composed of all Republicans together with Lieberman and that reliable cohort of Democrats who routinely vote with the Republicans and almost always support the Regime.


Taken long enough for him and others to get the idea. Some of us have been saying it for months or years.

Knowing how these radical notions fester and then filter through the blogosphere, although fiercely resisted because they defy conventional blogospheric wisdom, and somebody is bound to argue the opposite point just because they can and it is traditional, we can expect that understanding these simple facts will take at least another two, three years, and when they are understood, it will take another five or six years to do anything about it, by which time the situation will be so radically different, nobody will care any more, and these simple facts will be irrelevant.

Meanwhile, of course, Craven-Cowardly Democrats Who Have No Principles and Stand For Nothing will continue to be the widespread and innacurate conventional description of the Dems in Office, Chris Matthews will be relentlessly denounced, and calling, faxing, supporting disappointing candidates, and ranting will be the limit of any call to arms.

So it has been, so it shall be.

But welcome aboard Duncan. We'll get there yet, dude.

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