Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The image above is from the balcony of a house in Santa Fe, (or as I call it, "Fanta Se") New Mexico.

Santa Fe has long attracted a certain sort of independent, even rebellious type, often with a creative or artistic streak, and most helpfully with lots and lots of money. Well. Santa Fe can be one of the more expensive destinations on your itinerary, depending on what you want to do and all, and amongst whom you wish to fit in. Edit: the house from which this picture was taken is listed by Sothebys for $2,850,000 and is "under contract."

I've spent quite a lot of time in Santa Fe and New Mexico over the last 20-25 years or so, never really worried about Fitting In, though I've been welcomed in many places and under many circumstances there.

The sky has never disappointed.

Perhaps the most rewarding and exciting adventure was to the Star Party at Chaco Canyon one September night a few years back. Now, Chaco is not an easy access facility. It's sixteen miles down a corduroy dirt road from the highway, and you typically don't attempt it in any kind of weather at all. But once you're there, it's quite a sight and even more of a feeling. Star Parties go on there because the skies are so pristine and the dark can be so enveloping. Try imagining what it was like when the canyon was inhabited.

Other locales in the state have their own captivating qualities, charming people, and deep-rooted history. It's my Other Home...

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