Friday, February 1, 2008

OT: Update

About Those Pipes...

The plumbers are scheduled to come on Monday to start replacing the corroded galvanized pipes with shiny new copper.

Joy. Rapture. OMG.

They have to open up the interior walls in the bathroom and kitchen, also an exterior wall in the kitchen. They have to dig a trench in the front and have the city come out to locate the main water shut off valve -- somewhere, who knows where. They're supposed to replace the exterior water lines and hosebibs too. Replace all the faucets. And then somehow it all has to be put back together.

Just a major plumbing overhaul. Major upheaval at Casa Ché.

They are anticipating a three day job. I don't envy them trying to crawl around under the house, or wrestling with the galvanized pipes, or any of the rest of what they will be doing. These old houses were not built to be messed with afterwards.

We will attempt to continue living in the house while all of this is going on, even though we'll effectively have to half-move out to give the plumbers room to manoeuver. And periodically, I'll try to post.

Crisis management, indeed...

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  1. We here at Casa Mucho Dinero completely understand your pain. I have started a pool amongst my family and friends, as to the remodel finish date stemming from initially what the termites had wrought (which includes a total replumb of the house exactly like what you are dealing with). So far, the dates go from June 15 to Sept 17 of this year. I fear that last one might be the "winner." Ugh. Cheer up, though, Ché: The plumbing was completed a couple or three months ago. It's all the other shit that needs to be done. Ceilings, walls, floors, windows, cabinets, paint.....