Saturday, February 23, 2008

Commonist! Fascist!


The outlines of the Campaign Against Teh Negro are taking shape. The other day, one of the favorite neo-conmen propagandists, Hugh Hewitt, had Jonah Goldberg, Spawn of Lucianne, and Doughy Pantload, on his show to tout his best-selling book, "Liberal Fascism."

They discussed all the many aspects of the Liberal Fascist subversion of this country since Woodrow Wilson and Jean Jacques Rousseau, the Destruction of the Christian Nation, yadda, yadda, yadda, and they summed up their mutual stroking with consideration of Michelle Obama's speechifying, which was clearly Fascist according to them both, and then with a parallel discussion of Obamamania, which is so overtly and obviously Fascist, there is no way to beat it.

Got that? No way to beat it. Well, not no way, wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say no more. But if things run their usual course it will be a very hard row for McCain to hoe against the Negro. Thus Barack, if he is the Democrat Nominee, is almost -- repeat, almost a shoe-in to win the election in November.

It's that Liberal Fascism, don'tcha know.

Meanwhile, over at The Corner, we learn (via "Accuracy in Media") that Negro men and white women were hooking up in the 1950's and 1960's only one way: through Communist cells operating in the land before they could be dismantled by the authorities. Ergo. The Half-Black Obama must be the product of one of these nefarious cells, because there was no other way in those days, for the Black Man to come into intimate contact with the White Woman. It just couldn't happen.

Which makes Obama himself a Communist by breeding, and lookit here: he's also an ideological Communist. Once you understand the dynamics of his upbringing and all.


As a Commun-o-Fascist, the Epitome of Evul, Barack may think he's got the Presidency sewed up, but that crusty old warhorse St John McCain is the Right Man to give him a run for his money. McCain, American fighter of Commun-o-Fascists, Resister. Winner! Martin Luther King was a Communist, too. Don't you deny it! He wouldn't have stirred up all that trouble if it weren't for the Communists infiltrating the SCLC. It's a Known Fact.

Just remember, there wouldn't be a Barack without the World Wide Communist Conspiracy that McCain and Barry Goldwater and St. Ronald Reagan fought their whole lives and defeated.

Just remember that. Harrumph.

[Ed note: the level of desperation these pathetic attempts to smear Barack Obama as a Communist/Fascist represent is kind of breathtaking. It's hard to imagine anyone under the age of 50 cares. It is so 20th Century.]

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