Tuesday, May 27, 2008

120,000 x 5 + 4,083 x 1 = Iraq Body Count Exhibit

120,000 little white flags and over 4,000 little red flags have been placed on the Capitol Mall in Sacramento; each of the white flags represents at least 5 Iraqis who have perished since the American led invasion of Iraq in 2003; each red flag represents one dead American soldier.

This exhibit runs for five blocks in the median lawn of the Mall. I passed by it today around noon on my way to somewhere else. Bureaucrats were studying the display, and one man, clearly moved by it, stood on the sidewalk and cried. Others were riveted to the acres and acres of little white and red flags, some fluttering so strongly in the wind between the tall buildings they appeared to be screaming out in agony.

If you can't stop it, turn it into art.

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