Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Psy-Ops will continue until Morale Improves

Hillary! sort of takes Indiana, Barack North Carolina and the brickbats continue to be thrown and the psy-ops continue.

Of course most of the pressure is on Hillary!, as it has been since January, to get out and go away. This has been a primary tactic of Obamaniacs from very early in the campaign, demanding that she quit the race, insisting that Obama Is The Nominee, that she cannot win, and essentially ordering her to leave. Be gone. Am-scray.

It's relentless psy-ops, a one-note refrain played over and over and over again, without let up, only briefly paused when the Wright Thing took over the media narrative.

  • Obama Is The Nominee.

  • Hillary Cannot Win.

  • Hillary must concede.

  • Now!

    For its part, the Hillary campaign has acted oblivious, confused, and/or "arrogant" in the face of this relentless drumbeat. Their only push-back has been to soldier on and fumble many opportunities to "pip-squeek-i-fy" their opponent. This endless fumbling has led to a trajectory of decline, such that, barring miracles, Hillary! is burnt toast.

    And yet she soldiers on.

    But I wonder.

    When Obama gets his nomination, will the same psy-ops be used against Princess McCain?

    Or will the crotchety old geezer turn the tables and succeed in putting the young upstart in his "place?"
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