Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So, the FISA controversy heats up with the ad buy targeting Chris Carney, Blue Dog of Pennsylvania, put together by Glenn Greenwald and good people at Firedoglake and elsewhere. The point being, of course, to prevent him from following through on his apostasy and voting for the GOP discharge petition in the House which would probably lead to the passage of the Cheney/Rockefeller (ie: Senate) FISA bill which provides immunity to the telecos that broke the law to surveille the American People.

Got that?

Even that's not the technical description of what this is all about, but the ads make it very plain what the problem is: government and corporations have been lawlessly spying on the American People, and congressmembers like Carney are prepared to "make it legal" and absolve the perps for what they have done.

Some in the blogosphere have finally risen up on their hind legs and said, "No!," and they're finally doing something about it besides writing stern letters and blogposts.


It appears that the GOP has been targeting Carney in just the same way for some time. And there are many Democratic constituencies that seem to think Carney is Teh Bomb. And apparently there have been ads run in his district from various Democratic interest groups thanking him for being such a great guy and doing so much for The People.

Meanwhile, from Radar, which sometimes gets things right, we're hearing about The Last Round Up, and the 8 million or more names on The List -- of dissidents and what have you -- who could well be hauled off to the Halliburton Camps when the Cheney/Bush Regime (or really any regime) declares martial law, suspends the Constitution and rules by decree. Something called "Main Core", been assembling its badboy lists for ages, and is just waiting for the right "Pearl Harbor" moment to strike.

Who's paranoid? What do you mean? Stop saying that!

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