Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Punkinhead has an aneurysm

Politico's Mike Allen went over to Borders in DC and bought a copy of Little Scotty McClellan's book -- which is to be released next week, hmmm -- and then blared all over creation that Little Scotty is dissing Bush and -- get this -- the Media, and all of a sudden there is massive spin under way to protect and defend the Media and the Busheviks from the dangers of an insider run amok.

Just observe Timmeh's "concern" in the clip above. This is, like, serious as a heart attack.

  • Propaganda

  • Permanent campaign

  • Serious strategic blunder

  • Insulated from reality

  • Deceiving

  • Lie

  • State of denial

  • Out of touch

    As Meridith says, he's just plain bitter, bitter, bitter, bitter Little Man.

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