Wednesday, April 13, 2011

But it's taken years, literally years, for the Dawning

[Note: The picture is from New Mexico looking west from the Sangre de Cristos to the Jemez Mountains. So it is actually a sunset. Yet essentially the same view, looking east toward the Sierra Nevada Mountains would be visible from the Coast Range in California at dawn. I've seen it myself. Many times!]

Over at C & L, one of my favorite Drop By sites, there's a post from Suzie that highlights an interview from The Real News Network -- from February -- in which Michael Hudson, Research Professor at University of Missouri at Kansas City, explains that the Masters of the Universe (including their Captive Government) are actually inclined toward Economic Depression rather than Recovery because their "mentality" pretty much requires it.

Their "mentality" is little different than that of the Robber Barons of yore, or indeed of the British Imperial class of exploiters who were absolutely convinced that their own personal benefit could and would only come through the progressive (who would have thought?) impoverishment of the domestic masses.

This is not just exploitation of the masses overseas through colonial expansion. The domestic masses must also be exploited -- and impoverished -- in order to maintain and expand the exploitation of the colonized Natives.

Thus the constant clamor to reduce wages and benefits and the complete indifference to massive unemployment. Among other things.

It's all of a piece. And our contemporary Owners are following the pattern set long ago by the predatory classes: it is the way they think. Almost an identity thing.

Not to blow my own horn too much, but I was pointing out many of these facts years ago. Years. When the economy was on the verge of collapse and unemployment was beginning to burgeon, it was clear that the Bush government, and then the Obama government was completely uninterested in doing anything about it. They were uninterested in preventing foreclosures and in keeping people in their homes. They were uninterested in relieving the immense debt burden the masses were carrying thanks to decades of stagnant and/or falling wages, but they were eager as puppies to carry water for and pay off the gambling debts of the financial class.

All this was a very clear indication to anybody who was paying attention that a Depression is actually what these people wanted and needed to satisfy their own predatory instincts. We were obviously headed into a Depression for the Masses so as to maintain the comfort and convenience of the Ruling Class.

It was clear as crystal -- years ago.

Yet most of the New Media -- by which I mean what passes for the "Lefty Blogosphere" -- missed it. It just didn't occur to them until recently what was really going on and why there has been no economic recovery for the masses -- while the Rich are richer than ever.

My question is, "Why has it taken so many years of suffering by so many millions for the Dawning to come?"

If it really is a Dawn.

It bewilders me...

[Of course, the primary effect of pointing out these things is more Obama Bashing which has the effect of raising the political profile of the Republicans from the constant Near Death.... ]

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