Monday, April 4, 2011

The Quintessential New Mexico Ranch

They say the Val Kilmer Ranch on the Pecos is "under contract" for sale. He's been trying to sell it for years, and he has run into more than a little grief from the locals over all kinds of shit he's pulled. The Kilmer ranch is a multi-thousand acre spread in the northern mountains, nice enough, and certainly pricey enough at $18 million, but not all that special.

No, there's another ranch -- Rancho Alegre -- not all that far from our little place in what's generously called the East Mountains that has been on the market for longer than the Kilmer place, at an asking price of $12,900,000 for 175 acres and a remarkable set of houses and outbuildings that practically scream "Hay! Here's a Place!"

New Mexico.

Well, it's listed by Sotheby's and I'm going to lift the pictures, just so folks who stop by here can see the kind of things People With Money have been up to in New Mexico. It might surprise you.

This place is adjacent to the Eaves Movie Ranch, so it obviously partakes of a soupçon of The Show Business, if you catch my drift.

Rancho Alegre doesn't qualify as a large ranch by New Mexico standard, not at 175 acres. Because there are so many multi-thousand acre ranches in the immediate area, the land seems "empty." Very few houses, very little traffic, nothing but tiny towns scattered here and there, some of them half abandoned.

Culturally, I think the area is part of Texas.

But not as crazy.

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