Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Them That Has Are Slated To Get Even More

Whoo Hoo!

Paul Ryan's 2012 Budget formula is being declared "Bold!" and "Risky!" for taking on the hoary Entitlements of Medicaid and Medicare, essentially gutting both programs and forcing their participants and clients onto the All-Powerful Market to sink or swim however they might.

"Bold!" "Risky!"

Brave Sir Paul, so very Brave and Courageous!


By privatizing -- and subsidizing -- Medicaid and Medicare, of course, Ryan and his ilk are seeking to outdo the Affordable Care Act's profit guarantees to the major stakeholders in the Health Care Industry.

Privatizing Means Guaranteed Profits for selected companies and institutions. That's the whole point of doing it.

When the ACA was passed, it was widely and righteously derided as a profit prop for insurance companies and health care providers -- something that is built in to the private, for profit insurance and provider system. "Single Payer" health care systems limit or eliminate the profit potential of private providers and insurance companies and so are not desirable.

The ACA extends the private health insurance requirement to the 40 or 50 million uninsured Americans, but the Ryan proposal goes far beyond that, ultimately destroying the single payer elements in the current system and transferring the clients to a subsidized private system. Instead of only 50 million new people in the private, for profit system, the Ryan proposal would ultimately put everyone in it.

What's not to like, if you're looking to pump up the private wealth of the very few at the compelled expense of the very many? Isn't that what Government is for?

That and protecting their Constitutional Liberty to steal from you whatever they can however they might.

I posted about the Quintessential New Mexico Ranch to illustrate a point. Because New Mexico has a very small population, economic disparities are stark and highly visible to anyone with open eyes. Even the major ranchers in New Mexico don't live like the residents of Rancho Alegre; they aren't in to that kind of showing off. But some of New Mexico's hyper rich are into showing it off, and Rancho Alegre is as in-your-face about it as just about anyplace in the state. But head up Gonzales Rd in Santa Fe from its foot on East Alameda against the Santa Fe River (such as it is), to its high end at Hyde Park Road. As you climb, the compounds and estates become fancier and fancier until at the top their magnificence -- in the Santa Fe Style, of course! -- is astonishing. These are places held by people with so much money they can pick one of these immense spreads up for pocket change, and then go buy another one for summer.

Where do they get this kind of money in New Mexico -- where it seems that most people are really poor? Those who don't get rich off the Government teat -- and many do -- get their immense wealth from constant financial manipulations, exploiting the Lesser People, and resource extraction (like oil and natural gas) in New Mexico and elsewhere. They benefit from tax breaks and endless subsidies. During boom times, they profit from real estate and commodity speculation. Once established in wealth, most of them are impossible to dislodge.

The show offs like to flaunt it.

Comes now Brave Sir Paul to make sure they will have plenty much more extracted from the least among us to flaunt their status with.

As is often said: "This won't end well."

No. It won't. At least not for Them!

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