Thursday, April 28, 2011

Huh. Who'dathunk?

Mark Ames and Yasha Levine drop a bombshell over at Alternet, claiming -- with abundant evidence -- that the whole TSA Porno-Scan and Junk Touching Hysteria last November was manufactured by the Rightist Radicals in charge of the Republican Party so as to... prevent TSA employees from unionizing.



Those People would do a thing like that? How could it be?

Of course Ames and Levine are notorious for probing deep and long into the machinations of the Oligarchy in this country, just as they were notorious for doing so in the Oligarchic Russian Federation. Their probes got their Russian publication, the Exile, shut down by the Putinist Authorities. So now they operate on line, and... it's a Good Thing.

That the Oligarchs who rule us would go to such elaborate lengths to stymie efforts to organize TSA workers borders on the insane when you think about it. But when a kind of inverted "liberationist" ideology takes hold, as it has among so much of the Ruling Class, insanity is the rule not the exception.

"Liberation" yes, but only for the Rulers. The ruled -- that would be the rest of us -- are to submit... or, at least in theory, perish.

What Ames and Levine have put together about the hysterics over TSA Porno Scans and Junk Groping last year is a fascinating read. There's always something else again going on behind the scenes, and it makes one wonder at just how easily Americans can be duped. Even the most highly educated, informed, and educated.

The Truth May Be Out There, but in the meantime Believe Nothing.

What a way to live.

There's got to be a better way....

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  1. Wow. This is interesting. And maddening. When the media are either in cahoots with the right-wing fascists or (and) are lazy slackers, you can understand how easily duped we all are. It is really, really difficult to understand what is really going on, except don't believe anything you see or hear. But what kind of life is that? I wish we had more people "in power" fighting for us. Democrats sure as hell aren't.

    (Ché, why don't you post this info on LibAm? I wonder how many over there read your blog? What they are missing!!)