Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ames and Levine on the Kochs

Go see what Ames and Levine have to say about the Kochs and Kochevism (which they call Koch-whoring) over at the EXiled Online.

I've tried to summarize some of the important points in my Koch series up top, but really, Ames and Levine are the masters of this material. They understand it perhaps better than any other Americans because they lived and worked in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union and the establishment of a Potemkin "democracy" under the glare and the grip of the Oligarchs.

When they saw it happening in the USA, they wanted to tell people.

The rest is history.

Go read the stories and watch the interview with Dylan Ratigan. Then go get some pots and pans and bang them in the streets.

Srsly, Ames and Levine rule.

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