Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fake Revolutions?

[Headed back to California today and tomorrow...]

Things may not be what they seem department.

Word has it, from no less authority than Prof Michel Chossudovsky at Global Research and the redoubtable DEBKA File (by which I mean, 'continue to doubt it') that things may not be what they seem to be in Libya, and if they aren't there, where are they? (links via "American Everyman", a resource for skeptics everywhere on just about any topic of interest you care to name, but not much Show Business.)

This is always the problem with an abundance of skepticism. Because nothing can be taken at face value, nothing is "true" -- but then, nothing is really "false" if everything is false. It's all a muddle, and you're just lucky to remember to breathe day to day.

Of course the plethora of Revolutions popping up everywhere should be taken with a grain of salt, if not an entire barrel of it. Our Rulers have been manufacturing dissent for almost as long as they have been manufacturing consent. It's all a matter of Rulership, which they have no intention of giving up voluntarily any time soon if ever.

As Chris Hedges says, "Power yields nothing without a demand," and I'd go further to suggest that Our Rulers yield nothing to a demand from the "wrong people," in fact Our Rulers will merely ratchet down even further and harsher in response to demands from DFHs. Even if they don't demand. The ratchet is always being tightened.

The struggle must be relentless.

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