Monday, March 7, 2011

Here in New Mexico

Arrived yesterday afternoon. Got a room in Abq because there's no water at the house. From what I could tell, there was no interior damage from leaky pipes at all, and there was no sign I could find that pipes under the house had any leaks. So I was grateful about that. Looked around outside, and it appeared that the driveway had sunk quite a bit near the water meter. There were extensive signs of the ground having liquified in that area, and for maybe another ten or fifteen feet around, so I'm suspecting that there was a break near the meter.

Have to wait to turn the water back on to be sure, but I wasn't up for it yesterday.

And then get it fixed.

Neighbors said that The Cold was brutal. One night the temp was 30 below, and there were at least ten nights altogether when the temps were at least 15 below. They were grateful none of their pipes had broken but especially that they had gas for heating through it all, unlike tens of thousands of people north of Santa Fe and south in Alamogordo and Silver City among other places. It was simply cruel what was going on. There is a class action suit in process against New Mexico Gas Co to compensate for some of the suffering and damage, but my sense is that the Powers That Be are trying setting the parameters of the New Normal -- and that means when it gets cold you're not going to have gas, and you may not have electricity, either. Even if it isn't cold. Just because.

Lawsuits are not going to fix it.

People around here know how to raise a ruckus though. Heh.

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