Friday, March 25, 2011

Marcy Winograd is the Real Progressive Candidate in CA-36

Who is Marcy Winograd And Why is She Running for Congress? from Kevin Lynn on Vimeo.

And yet... the so-called "progressive" blogosphere doesn't support her; never really has, though she primaried Jane Harman's bloodthirsty ass twice.

What's up with that?

When Harman declared her withdrawal from Congress to go head a think tank in DC, it was really kind of astonishing to see the so-called "progressive" blogosphere (with dKos in the vanguard) go on the offensive against the Progressive Winograd and cast about for just about anyone except her.

What is up with that?

Almost immediate pleas were issued for California Secretary of State Debra Bowen to enter the special election contest for Harman's soon-to-be-vacant seat, and sure enough, when Bowen accepted the call, the consensus of online "progressives" was to back Bowen to the hilt, against Marcy Winograd the Progressive, and against Janice Hahn, the near-clone of Ms Harman.

The excuse offered was that "Bowen could win." Yes, well. That's as may be.

Bowen is a fine person, and she was just re-elected to be California's Secretary of State, where she has done very good work to restore and maintain election integrity after a series of transparent Republican efforts to essentially institutionalize easily rigged elections.

I have nothing against Bowen in the abstract. But she's really no more "progressive" than your standard issue California Dem pol.

Listen to this candidate forum to get an idea of the really strong differences between Marcy Winograd and the other Dems vying for Harman's seat:

It is absolutely clear that Winograd is the real Progressive in this campaign, and the others (including the Republican mayor of Redondo Beach) are standard-issue Dems.

But the real Progressive candidate is not supported by Internet Progressives -- who have almost all endorsed Bowen.

What's up with that?

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