Friday, March 18, 2011

How Fares Teh Revolution?

Getting Unstalled?

Not clear. But becoming clearer is the notion that this is a World-Wide Class War, between a shrinking handful of Oligarchs and Plutocrats and the Masses, the Proles, the Workers, and the People.

Our nation is coming late to the struggle, of course, whereas much of the rest of the world is already engaged, more joining the struggle day by day.

The story out of Tripoli, that Crazy Gaddafi is backing off his planned slaughters under threat of annihilation by Britain and France, is interesting. It doesn't mean that what these people are saying is what they will do, but it is a clue that there are actions which can alter events.

No Revolution has a smooth path forward, and it may be that the apparently smooth paths in Tunis and Cairo lulled the the People into thinking that Revolutionary fervor would be enough to bring down the tyrannies that rule us, but facts on the ground are proving otherwise.

Our Rulers may be craven and stupid but they are most definitely resilient. It is up to us to break the spell they have over us, and that is still an elusive goal.

I was somewhat despairing that the uprisings in the Middle West were losing steam as the various Plutocratic Powers sought and gained their main objectives in the face of the uprisings, basically daring the People to do anything about it. Marching and chanting and carrying signs of Outrage™ is all well and good -- and necessary -- but it will not, by itself, stop the Oligarchic Juggernaut.

It's time for something more.

The next phase is the movement toward a Nationwide General Strike. If it happens, it will be a turning point. And there will have to be still more.

The only thing Our Rulers understand is Power. And if that Power is in the hands of the People -- which it obviously is not at this point -- the Overclass may rethink its path forward. Then again, it has shown itself to be so stupid it may not.

Then all bets are off.

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