Monday, February 6, 2012

Dumb Show In Oakland

It's all becoming more and more surreal, almost dadaesque, out there. Chris Hedges' meltdown over... something... is not a pretty sight, but the weekend eviction ("Not an Eviction") of OccupyDC comes close; the eviction ("Not an eviction") of the Freedom Square camp in DC yesterday was its own little dumbshow.

Today, the focus shifted back to Oakland where there was an apparent act of civil disobedience at the city hall when an Occupy rally (in support of those who had been arrested the previous weekend and since then) was interrupted by OPD who used the OPD sound system to essentially shout over the OO sound system to order that they produce a sound permit or desist -- or have their sound equipment confiscated.

Well. "When Oakland is under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back!"

And so the OPD came in and confiscated OO's "shit" -- as they say.

What a sight.

I thought the picture of a pathetic Jean Quan was emblematic of the collapse of civic authority under pressure from OO, but today's absurd seizure show sealed it.

Things are on an increasingly bizarre spiral....

Here's additional video, should anyone want to see more of the Oakland Dumb Show:

For the record, these are both Oaktownpirate's streams

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