Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"First They Came For Black Bloc..."

...and I didn't say anything, but if they hadn't come, I would have called the cops myself.

When they came for the Anarchists, I didn't say anything because it was just as well, those people can never be satisfied.

When they came for the Communists, I kept my mouth shut because nobody likes them anyway.

When they came for the Marxists, it was all the same to me; there's no profit in being prematurely right, after all.

When they came for the Socialists, I didn't care, since Socialists are such namby-pambies.

When they came for the Secularists, it was nothing to me, since I'm a Believer.

When they came for the Libertarians, I said "Good Riddance."

When they came for the Zeitgeisters and all the various Alternative Energy Proponents and Self-Sustainers, I hardly noticed; I'd forgotten they were still around.

When they came for the Homeless Advocates, the NLG, and the other trouble-makers, it was too bad, but they made their beds when they tried to hijack my movement and protect those who were breaking the law. It's not about the Homeless and Criminals!

When they came to round up the Nonviolence people, I figured they were next, and at least they knew how to behave.

They didn't have to come for me because I'd turned myself in; I didn't want to be alone anymore....

"Where is everybody.....???"

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