Monday, February 20, 2012

The Sadism and Cruelty of the Greek "Bailout"

Brussels is supposedly closing in on an acceptable framework for the so-called Greek Bailout that will formalize the harsh, indeed sadistic, cruelties of the latest round of austerity measures being imposed on the Greek People to satisfy the demands of the Gods of Finance.

Europe should have some genetic memory about these things, as it wasn't that long ago that the futile attempts to meet the demands of the Gods of Finance plunged Europe into devastating wars.

What is wrong with these people that they can't see the patterns repeating? What is wrong with Europe's Rulers that they mindlessly revert to sadism and cruelty when imposing Victor's Conditions on the Vanquished? And why is it always about Money -- specifically feeding the Insatiable Maw of Finance.

What is wrong with them?

It's as if they cannot help themselves; meanness is built in to their DNA. When it comes to the "Periphery," they can't seem to keep their snotty contempt in check -- which appears little different from the historic racism of the past.

Of course none of the Greek "bailout" is bailing out the suffering and drowning Greeks, it is all going to the Gods of Finance, to pay off their gambling debts. Of course it won't be enough. By now, everyone should know there isn't "enough," ever, to satisfy that Gaping Maw.

The cruelty of the extractions from the Greek People to shovel into the Maw is mindboggling and soul-searing. What do the Rulers of Europe think will be the benefit of raging disease, increasing child mortality, suicide, destruction of livelihoods, expropriation of public utilities and infrastructure, and what amounts to a re-colonization of Greece by some distant imperial power?

What is the benefit?

Having had Empires in the past, the Rulers of Europe should know there isn't one. Yet they appear to have learned nothing.

At least now, the tragic nature of what is being done to Greece by their cruel masters is being recognized more widely. That's... good... but the lessons don't seem to be learnable among the European Ruling Classes. That failure to learn will have much greater consequences than merely sucking dry and disposing the empty husk of Greece.

I'm told the German People are cheering Frau Merkel for her "strength" in this matter. Do they realize that what is being done to Greece will be done to them whenever the Maw needs more feeding? Do they have any clue?


Have they never seen Prometheus Bound?

PROMETHEUS BOUND from Manatee Idol on Vimeo.


  1. The grifters at the top of the economic food chain are psychopaths, Che. So are the leaders of various governments. That's all there is to it. The human DNA has split, and now some of us are not the same animal we commonly refer to as human (notably the ones in charge, as evolution demands "survival of the fittest" without moral judgment).

    What is happening to Greece would be called planned genocide if it were being carried out in any way but through economics. We, particularly Americans, but certainly Europeans as well, have a willful blindness regarding economics as a weapon. When Hussein was gassing the Kurds, that was genocide. Various African tribes slaughtering each other is genocide. Hitler's concentration camps were genocide.

    The US sanctions lasting 10 years against Iraq which resulted directly in the deaths of over half a million Iraqi babies was somehow NOT genocide. The entire history of Haiti since the French were forced to stop using them as a slave colony is not considered genocide.

    If the Eurozone countries (led by Goldman, Sachs and the IMF) were to go in and bomb the Greeks, killing a third of them, that would be genocide. Letting a third of them die due to lack of jobs and health care, inability to afford food products, etc. is not considered genocide or even called sanctions, although both terms could properly be used if we lived in an honest society - it is called austerity. Which we are told they brought on themselves. Somehow, that is seen by the masses in a whole different light. We have been TAUGHT to see things this way. I doubt, if we were entirely sane and capable of rational thought any more, we could be convinced that giving everything to the thieves who just conned us into a massive debt scheme was reasonable. Or anything else besides genocide.

    And this is how they get away with it.


  2. I have nothing to add, teri49.

    You've summed it up perfectly.