Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All Righty Then

Glenn is now whining that he is being "smeared" by various news outlets that have discovered details about his -- as he says, "complex and sometimes messy" -- past. I guess he forgot for the moment that the story isn't about him.

In any case, the issues these media outlets are addressing include lawsuits, adult videos, back taxes and an unpaid student loan. Ok. Got it. These are interesting, I suppose, to some people, but are hardly the kind of thing that constitutes a "smear." The classic smear campaign is a form of propaganda that seeks to impugn the character of an individual or group often through the repetition of falsehoods and calumnies which the target dare not refute for fear of giving them some kind of legitimacy. That isn't what's going on with Glenn, but he has long been notorious for accusing anyone of "smearing" him who raises questions about his motives or anything else he doesn't want to answer. And then, of course, there are those who dare to look into his pre-blogosphere/pre-Journolist life. Every one of them is smearing him. Right. Whatever.

Meanwhile, something that may mean something -- or may not -- has been posted over at Ars Technica: chat logs from 2009, featuring Younger Snowden, posting as TheTrueHOOHA, who was, as the article says, "a wholly different person" than the one we've been seeing in the media for the past few weeks. Such a wholly different person that I don't see how the twain can meet.

The person in the chat who is said to be Snowden (how this is known, I don't know, but apparently a record of users is kept by Ars Technica -- surveillance!), is freaking out because somebody leaked secret information about spying on Iran to the New York Times, and the Times published it. He's freaking out because Obama is planning to cut defense spending. He's freaking out because a POLITICIAN has been appointed by Obama to run the CIA. He's freaking out!!!!!1

Meanwhile, according to the story, Snowden is expressing his strong belief in libertarian principles AND the National Security State (which is employing him, after all.)

There is much more.

2009 was four years ago, of course, and young people go through phases. They change their minds about a lot of things.

But I really wonder if the Snowden of 2009 is really all that different... In 2009 he expressed complete devotion to the Security/Surveillance state and its secrets; he was livid about leakers. Livid. Now, of course, he's the Big Leaker... or is he?

Wheels within wheels. When this story is finally unpacked and the movie is out on feely-vision, I think we'll all be in for a terrific ride and as gasp-worthy a spy tale as has ever been put on the viewer.

Something tells me we ain't seen nothin' yet.

On top of which, Ezra needs a spanking...


  1. But hey, at least Oblahblah isn't going to order the fighter jets to take out an airliner just to get Snowden. (We aren't ruling out a drone hit or a car bomb, but damnit, there are limits.)

    Whomever Snowden is, they have successfully gotten us distracted with his not-so-new news while Rome burns. Watch out for the TPP.


  2. "Watch out for the TPP."

    Among so many, many things. Yep, there is a whole wagon load and then some of nastiness on tap, and all the focus on the Mighty Snowden Art Players assures us that most people will never know what hit 'em.

    Shooting down the jetliner carrying Snowden into self-imposed exile would be a bit outré come to think of it, but you never know. I think I saw a headline somewhere in which His Serenity said he would never do that... < smirk >

    Speaking of Serenity, I picked up a set of "Firefly" DVDs the other day and watched a few episodes. It's held up surprisingly well.

    Out here in the Wild Wild West, we're getting set for the annual END of TRAIL World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting and Wild West Jubilee. It is by far the biggest thing between here and Amarillo all year. What fun.