Monday, June 24, 2013

Just Read This

Arun Gupta at the Guardian has posted a very good dot connecting story about Barrett Brown, the commerce in information and surveillance, and just how nasty the whole game is. Barrett Brown is sitting in jail in Texas because of his ties to getting some of the information on what was going on to the public (he posted a link).

There is more, much more, but Gupta puts it much of it together well.

Don't forget the connections with Michael Hastings...

It should be noted that HBGary which figures prominently in Gupta's story, is not actually 'gone' as Gupta states. Rather, HBGary Federal (a commonly owned and operated affiliate of HBGary, Inc.) was shut down as a separate company when HBGary itself merged with ManTech International in 2012. HBGary is still in business, and under ManTech's wing, HBGary's operations include the same sort of service to Federal agencies that HBGary Federal offered.  More here.

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