Monday, June 17, 2013

Yves Smith Demolishes Private Sector Protestations of Innocence; Naomi Wolf Takes One in the Shorts For Daring to Raise Questions About Snowden and Teh Revelations

Two (well, three) links to add to the mix:

Yves Smith on the protestations of innocence by the internet and other corporate partners of the National Surveillance State:

Techies’ Efforts to Own #Snowden/NSA Surveillance Narrative = #Fail

Naomi Wolf Dares to Raise Questions:

One of her many critics for daring to raise questions about Snowden:

I may have more to say about this stuff in a follow up post, but one of Naomi's questions -- about where are Snowden's lawyers -- may have been answered by the way he dealt with questions during his live chat with Greenwald at the Guardian this afternoon. Looked to me like he was getting real time legal advice from Glenn given the way he was answering/not answering questions... Just saying.

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