Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Boston Marathon Thing Keeps Getting Stranger And Stranger

The story of the Boston Marathon Bombing has developed into a nearly incomprehensible mish-mash of action/reaction, yarn-spinning and story-telling... not to mention the death and dismemberment...

Each version of the story leads to ever more speculation about what is and was really going on.

Who are these people, and what are they doing to us?

Of course, all the many variations in the story of what happened, how, and who was involved quite naturally give rise to any number of conspiracy theories and theatrics, and I've long been under the impression that conspiracy theories are actually the point of all the many conflicting "official" stories that always seem to come from some Anonymous Official Familiar With the Case and which are breathlessly written down and sent on their merry way by credulous reporters who haven't a clue that they might be hearing blarney. Or that's the way it looks, but the situation could well be less naive than that; it could well be that the reporters and their editors, the Officials and the publications are all in on it, all well aware of the many levels of deceit going on, and that none of them really give a good gott-damb about what's really going on or the Truth in any rational sense.

As the Busheviks were proud to point out, "We're history's actors... you just study what we do..."

This was one of the cleverer aspects of the whole Soviet system of rule that never quite caught on in the West -- not until the Soviet Union collapsed at any rate, and then this sort of propaganda became all the rage in Western halls of power.

Yes, it is a propaganda tactic, as is the creation of false leads and fantasy conspiracy theories. They are  completely harmless to the apparat that create them while keeping would-be Exposers of Great Wrong on the trail of... nothing at all.

It works like a charm, especially on the Internet, where sleuthing and gaming are widespread user-hobbies if not outright obsessions. Fabricate some sort of Mystery or Conspiracy around a traumatic event and the Internet Gumshoes are on it like white on rice; it keeps them busy tracking down "leads" and "inconsistencies" and speculating and arguing endlessly on the "meaning" of this or that "clue."

Meanwhile, there's a whole other world (maybe Reality) that they're either never aware of at all, or that they only come to recognize after years and years of running down "clues" and "leads" that go nowhere.

The deaths and arrests of suspects in the Boston Marathon Thing have given the impression to some observers that something else entirely is going on than What We Are Told. The recent death in Orlando of someone who knew the dead suspect in Boston (at least we are to assume he is dead) is one of those things.

The Official Story of what happened in Orlando is frankly jibberish, a word salad of conflicting and mutually incompatible statements by Officials Familiar With the Case who are clearly not telling the truth to the media.

Friends and family, as in Boston regarding the prime suspects in the bombing, are offering a very different picture of the man who was killed in Orlando, and the Official Story has changed so many times by now ("He had a knife! He was going for a gun! He had a pole! He had a broomstick! He had a sword! He pushed a table! He was unarmed! He was SCARY!!!!1") nothing the Officials say is believable. But then, there is no other source of information about what happened, either. There are some other sources of information about what happened in Boston during the pursuit and capture of the surviving suspect, but there are no other sources of information after his capture, except for statements of his mother in Russia regarding her telephone conversation with him while he was recovering from his (apparently rather minor) wounds in a prison hospital.

"Wait," I said. He was on the phone with his mother in Russia? While in a prison hospital? How? I mean really. Something like this is not exactly protocol, as phone calls in and out of any sort of prison environment in the United States are so tightly regulated and monitored and so fiercely restricted that a call in from Russia or out to Russia is all but inconceivable.

But the gamers and amateur gumshoes don't even question it; they take it on faith that the call happened and that the suspect said what the mother is reported to have said he said ("I'm innocent!") 


The only way that something like this could have happened, in my view, is if the FBI or one of the other Agencies Involved set the call up as part of the investigation. But it's conceivable the call never happened at all.

It's been pointed out that at least part of this (ethnic) Chechen family -- including potentially the dead Boston suspect -- has all the earmarks of being Assets of some Agency or other in the Great Global Game. That being so, could the dead suspect in Orlando also be an Asset? Isn't there a Program to eliminate Assets Who Go Rogue? Is that what's taking place? Or part of it?

If that were the case, how, exactly, would "guilt" or "innocence" work under the circumstances?

Wheels within wheels.

Maybe in fifty years -- or maybe never -- something like the Real Truth will out. Until then, it's all just wheels spinning...

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